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October 11, 2022

Interview with FRC Team 254 "The Cheesy Poofs"

By Aakarsh Saggar


FRC (First Robotics Competition) Team 254 "The Cheesy Poofs" has been at the top of the competitive robotics scene for decades.

5-time World Champions and holding the record for the most regional wins of any team, the infamy held by this organization is second-to-none, but how does this team perform at the highest level year after year?

Join Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy in our exclusive 2-part video series interviewing the Cheesy Poofs over Engineering, Programming, and Team Structure.

Team 254 Interview Part 1

Team 254 Interview Part 2


Interview Participants: 
Aryan Karthik - Team 254 President
Dhruv Goyal - Team 254 Operations and Competitions Director
Aarnav Sawant - Team 254 Software Lead
Andrew Torrance - Team 254 Alumni and Mechanical Design/Team Leadership Mentor

Team 254 Technical Binder

Team 254 Photo Gallery