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November 28, 2022

Celebrate CS Education Week with CMRA!

By Jesse Flot

This year, Computer Science Education Week is December 5-11, and it's an awesome opportunity to excite and educate students in areas like coding and robotics. We are delighted to join in on the fun and offer a variety of free activities through Hour of Code and the CS-STEM Network

For educators looking for more of a scaffolded, classroom-focused experience where students follow along with lessons to program a virtual robot, check out one of our 3 free badges:

vice_curric.png virtual_spike_curric.png virtual_curriculum.png
Iris Rover Challenge with VICE Virtual Robot Iris Rover Challenge with Virtual SPIKE Prime Sensabot Challenge with Virtual EV3

For those looking for some more open-ended learning, where players program a collaborative robot (aka "cobot") partner as part of a game, look no further:

ssb_1.png zillah_city_1.png chrome_i8hc8latxk.png
Super Slime Battle Zillah City Zillah Beats

All of these activities are free all of the time, and will remain that way. For additional details on all of the games, visit our Hour of Code program page

If you or our students get a chance to celebrate CS Education Week with us this year, please let us know! We'd love to hear about your experiences on our Facebook or Twitter pages!