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June 23, 2021

Clairton City High School celebrates graduation of Will Allen Foundation / CMRA's Robotics Leadership program

By Vu Nguyen

May 26th, 2021 - CLAIRTON, PA - Students from Clairton City High School celebrated the completion of SMART courses: Software Foundations and Robotics Integration. The ceremony took place during the regularly scheduled board meeting - only this time it included guests such as a PA senator.

Senator James Brewster joined in on the occasion to talk about his experience being in public schooling and his commitment to helping school districts such as Clairton City School district to get opportunities like the one provided by Will Allen Foundation's (WAF) Robotics Leadership Program.

This is WAF's second year implementing their Robotics Leadership program, which includes classes in business, finances, as well as the SMART Robotics Technician program.

We all know what students had to go through this past year given the pandemic, but nonetheless, the students persevered through the struggles. The students had the choice of completing one or two SMART micro-certification courses: one (Robotics Integration) that was focused on the assembly of a robotics system, testing, integration, and vision system operation; the other (Software Foundation) built on top of the other course by including software and programming once the robot was assembled.

Learn more about the outreach portion of our SMART program by visiting our SMART-ER page. You can also learn more about our friends at the Will Allen Foundation to learn about the wonderful programs they run.