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November 02, 2020

New EV3 Classroom Curriculum introduces the new LEGO EV3 Programming Software!

By Vu Nguyen

It's always so exciting to be able to announce more curriculum that we can provide for teachers! The new Introduction to Programming EV3 Classroom teaches coding, computational thinking, and problem-solving skills with the LEGO EV3 using the newly released EV3 Classroom software.

Whether you're already familiar with the original Introduction to Programming with LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 curriculum, or if you're new to the LEGO EV3, you'll feel comfortable knowing that this curriculum includes basic programming techniques, decomposition, iterative design, problem-solving of real-world applications, and of course, you will learn how to use the new EV3 Classroom software. 

The Introduction to Programming EV3 Classroom is freely available through our CS-STEM Network!


Training and Certification

With new curriculum, comes new opportunities to participate in Professional Development! We now offer training with the new LEGO EV3 Classroom that aligns with the curriculum. Online Trainings will be starting in February of 2021, and on-site training for summer 2021 have been scheduled! 

As part of the training, teachers also learn how to use the CS-STEM Network ( to create “Groups” with their students, track progress, and collect assignments. 

See our training schedule for more information!


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