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December 16, 2019

RedZone Robotics hosts local students to see technologies that can save cities millions

Dec. 11th, 2019 - WARRENDALE, PA - The incredible team at RedZone Robotics hosted students from Phase 4 Learning Center to learn about what type of work they do, and why they do it. 

The students were given an overview of the vast number of robotics platforms that RedZone Robotics have created to tackle problems with pipes that could span in size from 8” diameter (using their SOLO platform) to 20ft in diameter (using their Responder platform).  

Jason Mizgorski, Vice President of Engineering, and Christopher White, Director of Technical Sales, talked about how the staff at RedZone may come from interesting backgrounds. For instance, White talked about how he came from working on Broadway. The broad range of backgrounds helps the company to be creative in solving the problems that they may encounter out in the field. Helping students understand that you don’t have to come from an Engineering background will help them realize that this career is possible.

Mizgorski and White also spoke about how their robotics technology can help cities save lives, as well as millions of dollars by profiling the state of the systems and providing bleeding-edge analytics technology to clients.

RedZone Robotics is located in Warrendale, PA, and Auckland, New Zealand and provides market-leading solutions for wastewater asset management, through specialized robotics and proprietary analytics reporting software. Learn more at

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