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March 29, 2019

CMU's Merit Badge University wraps up the 2019 training sessions

CMU’s 2019 Merit Badge University wrapped up this past Saturday by finishing the Architecture and Robotics classes. CMRA registered over a dozen robotics merit badges to scouts that had enrolled in the two-day-long sessions. If you missed the information from the first session, click here

The second session of the Robotics Merit Badge course involved discussions of robotics in the world, safety methods and first aid scenarios, robotics careers, and robotics competitions. Scouts were asked to do research over the past three weeks on these topics, and present their learnings during the discussions.

The scouts then had to learn about pseudocoding and creating a flowchart to plan their robot scenarios and their robot’s behaviors. The scouts had 10 minutes each to talk about:

  1. What problem they were trying to solve
  2. Why they thought that a robot would be useful in the scenario
  3. How they were solving the problem
  4. What ways they would improve on the design (had they had more time or different equipment)
CMRA is proud to support the Boy Scouts of America to encourage and excite kids about STEM!