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July 05, 2018

Loudoun County make a big push for robotics in its public schools

By Krishna Pandravada

Robin Shoop
  • Director

Loudoun County Public Schools, located just a few miles from Historic Leesburg, 40 miles from Washington D.C is beginning to make quite an impact in the region. With enrollments of over 70,000 students, the county's schools rank 11th in the United States in terms of educational achievement versus funds spent. 

Patrick Kaylor, a technology teacher and champion of the movement for the county’s schools, with the help of Peter Beczkiewicz (Technology Teacher) and Dr. Lhe Smith (Supervisor of Career and Technical Education), recently organized a 2-day workshop provided by Jesse Flot and Vu Nguyen from Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy, that involved building and programming VEX EDR robots.  

The workshop is just the beginning for Loudoun County Public Schools. Kaylor and Beczkiewicz envision creating over 70+ robotics teams for the Northern Virginia region, enabling the ability to create their own regional VEX competition.