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Use the motivational effects of robotics to excite students about STEM

August 23, 2018

Planning for the school year? Try Circuits, Boulder Math game, or Programming!

Try out our new Circuits activity, teach proportional math using Boulder Math, or program robots! We’ll show you how to get started.

Create a Group on CS2N
The first thing that you will need to do is create an account on Once you have an account, you will need to create a Group. To create a Group on CS2N:

  1. Log onto
  2. Hover on the Groups menu, select Create New Group
  3. Choose a Name
  5. Click Create Group
 You can also watch this video ( to see how to create a Group.


Our team has been working to create materials to teach students the skills that technicians typically to work in the industry. Our new circuits activity has sets of questions that has students connecting circuits together, measuring voltages using a Multimeter, and seeing the differences between Series circuits and Parallel Circuits. 

To use the Circuitry activity, choose “Circuitry Badge” in the dropdown menu when creating a Group.

Boulder Math

Boulder Math is a web-based proportional math game. Students must answer five proportional reasoning questions (e.g. If I travel 16 ft in one wheel rotation, how many rotations would I need to move 32 ft?”). 

To use the Boulder Math activity, choose “Boulder Math” in the dropdown menu when creating a Group.

Programming Robots

To teach introductory robotics, you can utilize either our VEX IQ or LEGO EV3 sets of badges that take you through Basic movement all the way through Program Flow. 

How to add the introductory programming activities to your Group

After creating your Group, choose the following activities (you will need to add one activity at a time). 

For the VEX IQ set of badges, select the following activities (in this order!):

  1. VEX IQ Getting Started - CS2N Ed

  2. VEX IQ Basic Movements - CS2N Ed

  3. VEX IQ Sensors - CS2N Ed

  4. VEX IQ Program Flow I - CS2N Ed

  5. VEX IQ Program Flow II - CS2N Ed 

  6. VEX IQ Search & Rescue - CS2N Ed

For the LEGO EV3 set of badges, select the following activities (in this order!):

  1. EV3 Getting Started - CS2N Ed
  2. EV3 Movement - CS2N Ed
  3. EV3 Sensors - CS2N Ed
  4. EV3 Decisions - CS2N Ed
  5. EV3 Final Challenge - CS2N Ed