Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy

Use educational affordances of robotics to create CS-STEM opportunities for all learners

  1. Discord
    We utilize a chat community software called Discord that you can use to communicate with us, as well as fellow former and current classmates. To get access to it, use the following link: [link included in teacher training]
    1. If you are new to Discord make sure to save your account by creating a password.
    2. Once you gain access, you will see a "Welcome" post that has emojis on it. Select the orange circle icon to get access to the specific VEX IQ channel.
    3. Once you have joined our Discord Server you can login anytime by going to:

  2. Curriculum Access
    You will need to set up your account to access the course's curriculum materials - videos, quizzes, and other assignments - through CS2N, the CS STEM Network.
    1. Go here and create a username and password:
    2. CHECK YOUR EMAIL for the activation link! (May appear in SPAM)
    3. Join the CS2N group for the Class:
      1. Click the following link to join the Group: [link changes with each training cohort]
      2. You are now added to the group
    4. To view the Course Materials:
      1. You can find the course under your Groups:
      2. Go to the CS2N Groups tab
      3. Select [name changes with each training cohort]
    5. Click "Introduction to Programming with VEXcode IQ Blocks”
    6. Click on “Go to Activity” to view
    7. If you encounter any trouble during this process, don't worry; we can troubleshoot any issues during the first class session (see below!).

  3. Check your other things
    There are some other things recommended for you to participate in the class:
    1. VEX IQ Robot Kit - We recommend the Super Kit which contains the hardware necessary for the class:
    2. VEXcode IQ Programming software:

  4. Optional props for recreating challenges
    1. A clear workspace of approximately 8'x4' (2.4m x 1.2m) with uniformly-colored surface (e.g. white table or floor)1-2 rolls of black electrical tape
    2. Ruler or meterstick
    3. 10-12 small cardboard tubes (e.g. paper towel) or plastic pipes, approx. 3" tall and able to stand vertically
    4. 10-12 plastic balls, 4-5 inches in diameter (many play-pen style balls work)
    5. A few hardcover books or other free-standing vertical obstacles
    6. VEX IQ Challenge 3-inch Cube kit or similar sized cube that fits the claw gripper. 

  5. Assignment Zero
    The first assignment is simple, just install the various pieces of hardware and software you need for the training. The "assignment", along with all the steps involved, is attached below:
    1. Go to the training group, then view the curriculum
    2. Look for the green “VEX IQ Getting Started” section, and go through the three links underneath it.
    3. Make sure your software is installed, and have a VEX IQ clawbot build ready by the first session.
    4. Make sure the VEX IQ Firmware is updated.
    5. All of these are detailed in the first getting started link.

  6. (Optional but recommended) Test Zoom Meeting
    The online training utilizes the Zoom Web Conferencing software. If you’d like to test out if your computer is compatible with the Zoom Web Conferencing software, please use this link to join a Test Meeting:
  7. First class meeting
    The first meeting will be primarily concerned with installation and orientation questions, but we will also begin the course material, so don't miss it! If you’ve had any trouble with the steps above, don’t worry, we can help you with them once you’re connected to the class.
    1. To connect to class:
      1. Go to: [link changes with each training cohort]
      2. To use your computer audio, select “Join using Computer Audio”.
      3. To call in, click on “Phone Call” and dial the given numbers.