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Use the motivational effects of robotics to excite students about STEM

Carnegie Mellon’s Robotics Academy studies how teachers use robots in classrooms to teach Computer Science, Science, Technology Engineering, and Mathematics (CS-STEM). Our mission is to use the educational affordances of robotics to excite students about science and technology. The Robotics Academy fulfills its mission by developing research-based solutions for teachers that are classroom-tested and foreground CS-STEM concepts. 

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Training & Professional Development

All training and professional development courses allow educators to earn a certification from the Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy, which is also widely accepted as continuing education credits. 



All training is conducted at the National Robotics Engineering Center (NREC) in Pittsburgh, PA. 

LEGO EV3 (Classroom Scratch) | VEX V5 (VEXcode C++)
 VEX IQ (VEXcode Blocks) | ARDUINO (C++)


Live Online

Learn from a Robotics Academy instructor from anywhere in the world through interactive sessions. (Live sessions are recorded)

LEGO EV3 (Classroom Scratch) | VEX V5 (VEXcode C++)
 VEX IQ (VEXcode Blocks)ARDUINO (C++)


Anytime Online

Learn from anywhere in the world, and at your own pace, with the support from a Robotics Academy instructor. 

 Mechanical Foundations (VEX V5) | Electrical Foundations (Arduino)
Fabrication Foundations | LEGO EV3 (EV3-G)


At Your Location

 Robotics Academy instructors will travel to your site and offer classes customized for your educators. 

Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy Research

The Robotics Academy is a frontrunner in STEM Education Research. Below is a list of different research projects which have led to the development of all the STEM-based curricula and technologies:


Carnegie Mellon’s Robotic Academy staff and development team are housed in the National Robotics Engineering Center (NREC), where robots for business, government, and industry are designed, prototyped, and tested just outside our office doors. The NREC is part of the Carnegie Mellon University - Robotics Institute, a world-renowned robotics organization.