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Since 2003, the Master of Science in Software Management (MSSM) program has been preparing product managers, entrepreneurs, and innovation-minded professionals to meet the rapidly-changing demands of the software industry. Develop a mix of technical, interpersonal, and management skills to succeed wherever software innovation is needed, from startups to international corporations.

In Silicon Valley, you can’t just be tech smart; you must be people smart too. We teach you the management of software: the people, the process, the project, and the product. Through this degree, you'll have practical and dynamic opportunities to lead teams and create innovative software solutions.

Advance Your Career in the Heart of Silicon Valley

Learn not only the business of software but the culture behind it. Our highly-specialized campus amplifies your network in one of the world’s most exciting tech ecosystems:

Product Management
Senior Management
Software Engineering
Project Management
UX/UI Design

Alumni Success

Our 400+ MSSM graduates have emerged as technical leaders ready to tackle challenging software projects.

For more stories, visit our MSSM Alumni page.


Alok Rishi, MSSM '09

Part-Time Program
Co-founder and CTO, Khaylo, Inc.

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Garima Sinha, MSSM '13

Full-Time Program
Product Manager at Thumbtack

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Lloyd D'Silva, MSSM '15

Full-Time Program
Partner Technology Manager at Google

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Mark Joseph L. Tan, MSSM '14

Full-Time Program
Sr. UX Product Manager at Amazon

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Academic Details

The Software Management curriculum is built to mirror the software product life cycle. You incrementally build skills while progressing through the sequence of software innovation.

This highly-specialized program provides full-time and part-time options to support software professionals at any stage of their career, whether new to the field or seasoned leaders. 

Program Location: CMU Silicon Valley (Mountain View, CA)

MSSM students in the part-time program have the option to participate remotely as needed.

Degree Options

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MSSM Full-Time

Accelerate your potential while building a professional network in Silicon Valley. Move beyond technology-only thinking and apply these skills to your career.

  • Develop business skills working on authentic, real-world projects
  • Develop interpersonal skills through applied coursework & team projects
  • Get practical experience with a summer internship (16-month format only)

Length: 12 or 16 months

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Study at Laptop

MSSM Part-Time

Get to the next level, working toward a role as product manager, director of software development, or entrepreneur. Graduates with extensive industry experience pursue strategic and executive leadership positions in software businesses. This specialized degree format is designed to accommodate needs of career and family.

  • Earn your degree in two years: One class at a time & only in the evenings 
  • Work with a small, talented cohort with distinct class sessions for part-time students
  • Participate remotely if you frequently travel for work or live outside of Silicon Valley

Length: 2 years

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Degree Structure

Innovate Software Products

Learn how to build the right product and to build the product right.

Learn the Business of Software

Discover what it takes to manage complex software teams. Build business plans to ensure products will thrive in the marketplace.

Apply Yourself

Get real-world experience in the heart of the tech ecosystem.

MSSM Full-Time 16-month only

Decide Your Path, Pursue a Passion

Bring your product skills to the next level. Through coursework and resources, you can build your portfolio, a software specialty, or your own business.

Featured Courses

Business charts

Software Product Strategy (49-­762)

Analyze market opportunities for a software product, evaluate its technical feasibility, and then expand the product definition and create a product roadmap.

Group Think

The Business of Software (49-­763) 

Work as a team to develop a complete business plan for a software product, including revenue and expense models, sales, and marketing.

Classroom Circle

Product Management (49-774)

Build on your Software Management coursework by learning about one of the most critical roles in the tech industry today. Develop the skills that make technical product managers successful.

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Practicum: Software Management in the Real World

Apply the lessons of software management to real-world projects, presented by leading companies. The practicum course gives you a chance to serve as a consultant on complex software problems. Work as a team to develop a project plan and detailed statement of work and present your solution to your clients at the end of the semester. 

Recent Practicum Sponsors

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MSSM Admissions

Admissions for fall 2018 are now open. To be considered, you must submit your applications and all supplemental materials by the following deadline(s):

  • Full-time: January 15
  • Part-time: March 1 (Round 1); June 1 (Round 2)


Please contact

Highly qualified candidates will have hands-on experience in software development, including knowledge of data structures and an object-oriented programming language such as C++ or Java. Experience can be from industry or academia. 

Academic Experience

Undergraduate degree in computer science, electrical and computer engineering, information science, information systems, information technology, or a related field.

The ideal candidate will hold a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 or equivalent from an accredited institution (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology, Inc., Higher Learning Commission or U.S. Dept. of Education).

Work Experience

Applicants should have experience in hands-on software development, including knowledge of data structures and an object-oriented programming language such as C++ or Java. This experience can be from industry or academia.  


Tuition rates for the 2017-2018 academic year are as follows:

Full-Time Program

  • MSSM (12 months): $69,000
  • MSSM (16 months): $69,000* + Summer Tuition: $479 per unit

*Estimated tuition for the Fall 2018 term. Official tuition for the 2018-2019 academic year will be released in spring 2018.

For more information, visit CMU's HUB website.

Part-Time Program

Part-time graduate tuition for the 2017-2018 academic year is $479 per unit. For more information, visit the HUB's part-time tuition page.

Financial Aid & Other Costs of Attendance

For information on financial aid, housing, and insurance, visit our Prepare for Graduate School page.

What's New in MSSM


David Sung, Full-time program

David Sung spent the summer as a Release to Production Engineering Intern for Facebook, working to make the world more open and connected by delivering the most reliable, high-performing servers to more than two billion users.

Paolo Malabuyo

Paolo Malabuyo, Adjunct Faculty

When he's not teaching our Human Computer Interaction course, Paolo works as the Director of User Experience for Google.


Ruby Wang, Full-time program

This summer, Ruby put her software management skills into practice as a Technical Product Manager Intern at Paypal.