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Explore course descriptions and program design possibilities to help you decide if the Master of Science in Software Management program is right for you.

Featured Courses

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Human Computer Interaction & User Experience (49-780)

Gain a practical foundation of HCI and UX design to build products that serve and delight consumers. 

Product Management Team Working Together

Product Management (49-774)

Learn the basics of product management and apply your technical skills to the ideation and positioning of products. 


Agile Marketing for High Tech Innovation  (49-766)

Learn how to adjust marketing strategies for the technology industry, addressing strategic market planning, functional expectations and tactical considerations when using marketing tools. 


The majority of the coursework is designed specifically for the MSSM program.  Students can take pre-approved electives in select departments on campus to complete their degrees. 

For specific course requirements, please reference the overview pages of our full-time and part-time programs.

  • 49-760 Foundations of Software Management
  • 49-761 Elements of Software Management
  • 49-762 Software Product Strategy
  • 49-763 The Business of Software
  • 49-766 Agile Marketing for High Tech Innovation
  • 49-767 Organizational Behavior for High Tech Knowledge Industry
  • 49-768 Special Topics: Finance for Entrepreneurial Ventures
  • 49-770 Metrics for Software Managers
  • 49-771 Process and Project Management
  • 49-774 Product Management
  • 49-775 The First-Time Manager
  • 49-786 Software Engineering Management
  • 49-800 Commercializing IP
  • 49-804 The Leadership Challenge
  • 49-753 User-Centered Research Methods for Product Innovation
  • 49-780 Human-Computer Interaction & User Experience Design for Managers
  • 49-781 Data Analytics
  • 49-782 Open Source Software
  • 49-783 Introduction to Cloud Computing
  • 49-787 Special Topics: Architecture & Programming Principles
  • 49-788 Mobile Apps for the Internet of Things
  • 49-789 Special Topics: Architecture Principles for Product Managers
  • 49-­750 Software Product Definition
  • 49-­751 Requirements Analysis
  • 49-­752 Product Definition & Validation
  • 49-801 Enterprise Innovation
  • 49-802 Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  • 49-808 Special Topics: Integrated Innovation for Large Scale Problems
  • 49-790 Software Management Independent Study
  • 49-791 Software Management Capstone Project
  • 49-792 Software Management Practicum
  • 49-793 Practical Training in Software Management
  • 49-794 Software Management - Industry Seminar & Workshop

In the MSSM program, you will have the opportunity to take courses offered by other departments at Carnegie Mellon. To help plan your program, you'll receive a complete list of pre-approved electives prior to academic advising appointments each semester.

Please note that to enroll in an elective course, you must receive approval by your advisor and demonstrate that the coursework is relevant to the product development process. 

Practicum: Software Management in the Real World

Apply the lessons of software management to real-world projects, presented by leading companies. The practicum course gives you a chance to serve as a consultant on complex software problems. Work as a team to develop a project plan and detailed statement of work and present your solution to your clients at the end of the semester.

Previous Practicum Project Sponsors

Explore just some of the top tech leaders and emerging start-ups who have sponsored past practicum projects:

Konica Minolta

Program Options

Build Kitchen


Accelerate your potential.

  • Choose between a 12 or 16-month program
  • Ideal for candidates looking to build skills in an accelerated format
  • Gain hands-on experience at a Silicon Valley internship

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Part-time student working remotely


Attend in part-time, advance in real time.

  • Complete your degree in 2 years, on-campus or remotely
  • Take one class at a time, only in the evenings
  • Work alongside the best and brightest product managers, entrepreneurs, and software innovators

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