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Common Cab

The Problem

How can Volvo bridge the gap between manual and autonomous operation?

Modern construction equipment is safer, larger, and more powerful than ever. But construction equipment isn't yet smart or advanced enough to solve all industry pain points. How can Volvo bridge the gap between manual and autonomous to enable their operators to safely control a construction vehicle remotely?

The Solution

Common Cab

The construction industry continues to grow, while pool of skilled labor in construction continues to shrink. With a shortage of skilled laborers, efficiency in the construction industry is more important than ever. While we await a day when autonomy will address this shortage, Volvo and iii students joined forces to rethink the ways humans are working with the machines of today.

Volvo Common Cab utilizies the existing platform in all Volvo compact excavators to provide operators with a familiar set of controls and clear view of all surrounding areas. A laser projector inside the cab augments the operators information intake with critical information and additional camera angles. Additionally, the Common Cab allows seamless connection to other Volvo construction equipment to maximize efficiency.


Students present mockups showcasing laser-projected operator information

Operator Screen Mockups

Skilled Volvo operators test the student prototype using familiar controls

Operator testing prototype

"Every product has been successful because it provides insight into our own working process."

Jenny Elfsberg
Director, Volvo US Innovation Lab


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