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MSTV Curriculum

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In this bi-coastal degree, you will begin your MSTV coursework in Pittsburgh and complete your last two academic semesters at CMU Silicon Valley in Mountain View, CA. In Pittsburgh, you will immerse yourself in fundamental engineering and emerging technology coursework. Once in Silicon Valley, you will focus on coursework related to business, entrepreneurship, venture management, and product innovation.

While in Pittsburgh, MSTV students must complete 36 units of coursework focused on Applied Engineering & Technology from our partner departments in the College of Engineering. Students will receive an official list of eligible courses each semester as part of the advising process.

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For Dual-Degree Students

In the dual-degree program, these 36 units of Applied Engineering & Technology coursework will double count toward the requirements of the M.S. in Engineering degree. While based in Pittsburgh, dual-degree students should communicate with the advisors of their M.S. in Engineering degree to ensure they are meeting all academic requirements.

  • 49-804 The Leadership Challenge
  • 49-851 Financial Fundamentals for New Ventures
  • 49-852 Agile Marketing for New Ventures
  • 49-857 Dynamic Global Teams
  • 49-853 Product Management
  • 49-854 Business Models and Strategy
  • 49-880 Building Brands in Early Stage Ventures
  • 49-800 Commercializing IP
  • 49-850 Grand Challenge Innovation
  • 49-859 Master of Science in Technology Ventures – Internship
  • 49-881 Start Up Creation in Practice
  • 49-801 Enterprise Innovation
  • 49-802 Innovation & Entrepreneurship I
  • 49-803 Innovation & Entrepreneurship II
  • 49-808 Special Topics: Integrated Innovation for Large Scale Problems
  • 49-855 Venture Governance: The Role of the Board of Directors and Advisory Boards
  • 49-856 Legal Issues in New Venture Creation