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Marketplace | December 8, 2022

Energy Fellow Akshaya Jha discussed the transition from coal to renewables with Marketplace.

CBS News | December 7, 2022

Scott Institute Director Emeritus Granger Morgan spoke with CBS News about vulnerabilities of the United States' power grid.

Study International | November 23, 2022

Faculty Affiliate Pingbo Tang's graduate course on building information modeling for engineering, construction and facility management was featured in Study International, discussing the use of software Mega City 2070 to solve sustainability issues.

Ars Technica | October 28, 2022

Energy Fellow Akshaya Jha was quoted in The Mandarin and Ars Technica on the US Embassy in Beijing’s publication of real-time air quality data and how their tweets have impacted air pollution levels.

Lifewire | October 17, 2022

Ding Zhao was quoted by Lifewire on the potential impact of self-driving cars, delivery robots, and drones on reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Popular Science | October 4, 2022

Jeremy Michalek featured in Popular Science to talk about electric vehicles and their effect on greenhouse gas emissions.

The Independent | October 4, 2022

Energy Fellow Venkat Viswanathan was quoted in The Independent on artificial intelligence in batteries to improve efficiency.

Popular Science | September 29, 2022

Energy Fellow Venkat Viswanathan was quoted by Popular Science about a recent paper he co-authored in Nature Communications on how machine learning and artificial intelligence can improve battery design.

E&E News | September 26, 2022

Faculty Affiliate Peter Adams was mentioned by E&E News to highlight the EPA's new Science Advisory Board that will provide analysis of EPA tools and air pollution effects.

The Verge | September 16, 2022

Faculty Affiliate Costa Samaras spoke with The Verge on crypto mining and its effect on energy emissions.

CMU News | September 15, 2022

Energy Fellow Destenie Nock was featured in CMU's news to answer three questions on energy equity.

CBS News | September 7, 2022

Energy Fellow Akshaya Jha discusses how California is handling extreme heat and the infrastructure changes that could help mitigate these types of issues in California and elsewhere.

Vox | August 25, 2022

Energy Fellow Kate Whitefoot was featured in a Vox article about the effects of California’s gas car ban.

E&E News | August 24, 2022

Energy Fellow Paulina Jaramillo spoke with E&E News about the effect of the Inflation Reduction Act on the demand for fossil fuels. She was also featured in the MIT Technology Review speaking about carbon capture subsidies in the Inflation Reduction Act.

Pittsburgh Business Times | August 12, 2022

Faculty Affiliate Burcu Akinci was interviewed as one of "20 People to Know in Energy" from the Business Times. Read the interview here.

Tech Xplore | August 9, 2022

Energy Fellow Costa Samaras paper revealing energy and greenhouse gas emissions savings in drone small package delivery was mentioned by Tech Xplore

Public Source | August 8, 2022

Faculty Affiliates Valerie KarplusNeil Donohue and Grigorios Panagakos and Senior Fellow Ed Rubin discussed the region's bid to be a 'clean hydrogen hub' with PublicSource.

Tech Xplore | August 5, 2022

Faculty Affiliate Paul Fischbeck was mentioned in Tech Xplore's article about carbon capture's effect on the grid.

GreenBiz | August 3, 2022

Energy Fellow Venkat Viswanathan shares expert advice in GreenBiz on how climate tech startup founders can approach investors as the market shifts.

The Verge | August 2, 2022

Energy Fellow Destenie Nock discussed with The Verge how working from home has affected electricity consumption and how those changes have had disparate impacts on people based on race and income.

Popular Science | July 27, 2022

Energy Fellow Paulina Jaramillo talked to Popular Science about Henry Ford's predictions on the future of renewable energy in the U.S.

Popular Science | July 10, 2022

Energy Fellow Paulina Jaramillo was quoted by Popular Science discussing options for more environmentally friendly air travel.

Newsweek | July 4, 2022

Faculty Affiliate Jeremy Michalek discussed electric cars' impact on the environment with Newsweek.

Vox | June 2, 2022

Faculty Affiliate Katie Whitefoot spoke with Vox on how to make cars cleaner travel options.

The Washington Post | June 2, 2022

Scott Institute Director Emeritus M. Granger Morgan remarked on the national power grid and local market demand in the Washington Post.

MarketPlace | June 2, 2022

Faculty Affiliate Akshaya Jha discusses the future of coal and the need for customers in MarketPlace. “Any power plant that’s relying on spot market coal right now is quite worried.”

The Washington Post | April 28, 2022

Energy Fellow Venkat Viswanathan discusses the potential physical changes between lithium-ion batteries in the Washington Post

The Daily Beast | Apr 11, 2022

Michalek Discusses Technology and Changing Habits to Overcome EV Obstacles: Faculty Affiliate Jeremy Michalek discusses the concerns from both owners and non-owners of electric vehicles, and the future of urban and rural planning in the Daily Beast.
Chicago Tribune | Mar 17, 2022

Vivian Loftness, Senior Energy Fellow and co-director of the Center for Building Performance & Diagnostics, discusses the importance of net zero buildings with the Chicago Tribune.

90.5 WESA | March 15, 2022

Energy Fellow Paulina Jaramillo discusses how vehicle electrification is crucial to meeting climate mitigation targets on WESA. | Mar 3, 2022

Special Faculty Panos Moutis and Faculty Affiliate Amritanshu Pandey discuss the record-breaking offshore wind energy auction which raised $4.37B. Read their views here.
Wired | Feb 1, 2022

Research from Energy Fellow Venkat Viswanathan outlines what is needed to decarbonize aviation in the future. Read his views on new battery technologies here.

Post-Gazette | Jan 24, 2022

Energy Fellow Destenie Nock’s research on energy equity and COVID-related impacts on residential energy customers was featured by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Read the PG article here.

AP News | Jan 19, 2022

Faculty Affiliate Shawn Litster, describes the growth of the hydrogen generator market at General Motors and other companies. Read the AP article here.

The Economic Times | Jan 5, 2022

Viswanathan Appointed as Technical Advisor for TVS Motor: Energy Fellow Venkat Viswanathan will serve as a Technical Advisor for TVS Motor Company. His background in energy storage, electric vehicles, and planes will benefit the company’s commitment to green mobility. His research found that aircrafts require battery packs with energy densities at the extremes of current technology to accomplish their range and payload targets.


E&E News | Dec 16, 2021

Apt Shares Thoughts on Flexible Energy Resources: Energy Expert Jay Apt discusses the role carbon capture can play in reaching net-zero emissions. Renewables can only make up about 80% of electricity production in the U.S., so flexible resources are necessary for the remaining 20%. Read the E&E News Article.
The Daily Beast | Dec 10, 2021

Whitacre Discusses Importance of Long Duration Storage, Including Flow Batteries: Scott Institute Director Jay Whitacre explains the varying storage capacity and powering abilities of grid-scale lithium-ion batteries. Read about it here.
ABC News | Nov 5, 2021

Tongia Shares Perspective on Corporate Net-Zero Commitment: Faculty Affiliate Rahul Tongia commented that the impact of net-zero commitments and the overall effect on climate change mitigation from corporations is complex, as told to ABC News.
Time Magazine | Nov 2, 2021

CMU Faculty Research Shares Drone Delivery Discoveries: Costa Samaras highlighted his study on energy use and life cycle greenhouse gas emissions of drones for commercial package delivery in Time Magazine.
Brookings | Oct 25, 2021

Scott Institute Faculty Affiliate Rahul Tongia, who is also a nonresident Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institute, published an article on the downfall of net-zero pledges.
BizTech | Oct 24, 2021

Faculty Affiliate Mario Bergés discussed balancing demand response with renewable energy in a BizTech article.
Energy Wire | Oct 21, 2021

CMU’s Jay Apt and Granger Morgan were quoted in Energy Wire regarding how the energy crisis is having an impact on US electricity, gas, and EVs.
The Conversation | Sep 23, 2021

CMU economists, including Scott Institute Energy Fellow Nicolas Muller, looks at the US EPA Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program, which was featured in an article discussing COP 26.
WESA90.5 | Sep 20, 2021

Corey Harper discusses if self-driving technology is the best thing to hit Pittsburgh since steel on WESA90.5. Listen to the story.
NECN | Sep 15, 2021

Jeremy Michalek was interviewed on NECN about President Biden’s infrastructure proposal that calls for half of all cars to be electric by 2030.
The European Sting | Sep 9, 2021

Professor Khee Poh Lam talks about how to build smart, zero carbon buildings – and why it matters. Read more about his work here.
MIT Technology Review | Sep 8, 2021

Venkat Viswanathan, associate faculty, was quoted in Technology Review discussing the advancement in Lithium-ion batteries stating that precision and performance are key to the future of batteries.
NPR | Sep 2, 2021

Faculty Affiliate Destenie Nock was featured on NPR’s Morning Edition discussing infrastructure improvements to protect against major storms like Hurricane Ida. Destenie was also featured in NPR’s StateImpactPA about tensions in the energy transition, and a PA community’s fight against electric lines.
South Pittsburgh Reporter | Aug 17, 2021

Faculty Affiliate Sean Qian will be supporting a 3-year, $3.8 million grant awarded to the City of Pittsburgh. Their goals are to advance zero emissions delivery, study curb use in business districts, and implement technologies and policies that accelerate EV adoption by commercial fleets. Read more about the project.
AP News | Aug 13, 2021

Hydrogen is hitting a turning point. Faculty Affiliate Shawn Litster, who has studied hydrogen fuel cells for nearly two decades, discusses what’s next and what’s needed for success with hydrogen fuel cells.
ABC News | Aug 13, 2021

Shawn Litster featured in an ABC News piece discussing the emergence of hydrogen as a sustainable fuel source and the key role clean production and low cost play in widespread use. Read more here.
United Nations Foundation | Aug 12, 2021

CMU’s work on the Sustainable Development Goals, or SDGs, has been recognized by the United Nations Foundation, which notes the creative ways that universities are implementing the 17 goals. CMU’s Sustainability Council, including founding board member Anna J. Siefken from the Scott Institute, launched the world’s first Voluntary University Review in 2020; our second review is due out this fall. Read more about CMU’s efforts.

Watch our April 22, 2021 Webinar with national leaders discussing the SDGs’ importance to learn more about CMU’s commitment and progress.
Bloomberg | Aug 9, 2021

Venkat Viswanathan talks with Bloomberg about the roles machine learning and robotics are playing in long-haul and aircraft battery development.
NBC News | Aug 6, 2021

Reliable energy storage is imperative to reducing stress on the energy grid, says Costa Samaras in an NBC News piece. | Jul 27, 2021

Faculty Affiliates Neil Donahue, Albert Presto, and Venkat Viswanathan recently spoke with Pittsburgh. In the article, Donahue discusses autonomous vehicles’ driving efficiency and subsequent decrease in fuel emissions via efficient fuel usage; Presto speaks to research on local traffic emissions and air pollution in Pittsburgh; and Viswanathan elaborates on research related to autonomous vehicle energy usage. Read the full article.
The Dispatch | Jul 23, 2021

Kate Whitefoot addresses economic and societal effects on EV adoption and impact EVs can have on cleaning up the electrical grid.
WESA90.5 | Jul 19, 2021

With Pittsburgh International Airport’s recent microgrid completion, Destenie Nock shares her insight on the potential for microgrids to not only power surrounding homes but protect major utilities like airports during extreme weather events.
WESA90.5 | Jul 8, 2021

Coupled with decarbonization, Nick Muller proposes a Green Interest Rate to combat the effects of climate change including property damage and health costs.
Financial Express | Jul 7, 2021

As carbon emissions in India decrease with renewable energy inclusion, Rahul Tongia suggests a holistic approach, including transitions from coal to gas and gas to hydrogen, in order to further lower emissions.
Passenger Terminal Today | Jun 30, 2021

Pittsburgh International Airport announces Terminal Modernization Program (TMP), a state-of-the-art terminal powered by its own solar panel microgrid and natural gas sourced at the site. CMU and Scott Institute Executive Director Anna J. Siefken are working with PIT on the project.
State Impact Pennsylvania | Jun 28, 2021

Destenie Nock and Akshaya Jha answer community members’ questions on Biden’s climate plan and global emissions with StateImpact Pennsylvania and The Allegheny Front.
EurekaAlert | Jun 23, 2021

Using data from power plant failures, Jay Apt and his team find that storing oil and gas on-site could be a solution for power plant outages.
Pennsylvania Capital Star | Jun 23, 2021

Allen L. Robinson addresses Pennsylvania’s role in high GHG emissions and the policies needed to cut pollution through low-producing natural gas wells.
MarketWatch | Jun 23, 2021

“Innovation and pricing of batteries is key to mainstream EV adoption,” says CMU’s Jeremy Michalek to MarketWatch.
Architect Magazine | Jun 11, 2021

Erica Cochran Hameen, newly-named inaugural director for DEI at CMU School of Architecture, has op-ed featured on equity, design justice, and the role of mentoring in Architect Magazine.
The Washington Post | Jun 8, 2021

Decarbonization of the building sector is possible as students graduate with knowledge on retrofitting existing buildings, says Erica Cochran Hameen (School of Architecture) in The Washington Post.
Pittsburgh Business Times | May 21, 2021

CMU is collaborating with NETL and several regional manufacturing, academic, and energy organizations to transform southwestern Pennsylvania into a carbon-free manufacturing leader. See news about our recent convening.
WESA90.5 | May 19, 2021

Nick Muller (EPP, Tepper School) discusses the role of CSR in U.S. Steel’s decision to cancel steel plan upgrades to reach carbon neutral goal by 2050.
Scientific American | May 18, 2021

The International Energy Agency recently reported the possibility of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. Success is contingent on many next steps, including rapid deployment, says Energy Fellow Costa Samaras (CEE, EPP).
IEEE Spectrum | May 13, 2021

Jeremy Michalek shares about the future of battery swapping and EV charging with IEEE Spectrum.
The Allegheny Front | May 13, 2021

Destenie Nock and Akshaya Jha are serving on an Allegheny Front panel to answer community members’ questions about the energy transition.
The Washington Post | May 6, 2021

Energy Fellow Costa Samaras addresses President Biden’s Infrastructure and Jobs Proposal in the Washington Post, highlighting the need for sustainable transportation including EV and public transit expansion. “We can do big things — but we should be doing big things in infrastructure.”
NPR | May 3, 2021

Costa Samaras spoke with NPR Morning Edition about the immediate need for standardization and infrastructure support for electric vehicle charging stations.
CBS Pittsburgh | Apr 30, 2021

Chris Pistorius featured in KDKA news segment discussing the impacts of steel-making on increased CO2 production.
CNBC | Apr 22, 2021

Nick Muller spoke with CNBC on the detrimental effects of fine particulate matter and ground-level ozone on air quality.
Bloomberg | Apr 20, 2021

Venkat Viswanathan is working with QuantumScape CEO to eliminate secrecy in the battery industry by developing a standard set of metrics, writes Bloomberg Green.
Forbes | Apr 20, 2021

Granger Morgan addresses current electrical grid capabilities and the importance of simplifying grid options in Forbes.
Grist | Apr 19, 2021

Costa Samaras spoke with Grist about the immediate need for standardization and infrastructure support for electric vehicle charging stations.
Bloomberg | Apr 13, 2021

Venkat Viswanathan was quoted about the advancement of clean aviation in Bloomberg Green.
The Washington Post | Apr 9, 2021

Costa Samaras contributed to an article on how loose-fit infrastructure can better account for climate change. He was also featured in The Washington Post, as they explored the need for an updated rainfall database as roads, storm-water systems, dams and other infrastructures are at risk due to continuous severe storms.
Rigzone | Mar 18, 2021

A recent paper by Energy Fellow, Paulina Jaramillo, was published exploring climate-induced tradeoffs in planning and operating costs of a regional electricity system. She was also quoted in Rigzone regarding the strength of renewable energy.
Automotive News Europe | Mar 17, 2021

Venkat Viswanathan was quoted in Automotive News Europe regarding Tesla's drivetrains.
PBS | Mar 14, 2021

A paper by Vivian Loftness, was recently published exploring the life cycle assessment of natural versus conventional building assemblies. She was also quoted in a PBS Newshour segment regarding post-pandemic offices and in Harvard Magazine discussing scrubbing supply chains.
The New York Times | Mar 2, 2021

Jeremy Michalek quoted in The New York Times addressing the potential implications of electric vehicle charging on air pollution.
KX Net | Feb 24, 2021

Energy Fellow Costa Samaras is quoted in KX Net article regarding Texas power grid failure and customer lawsuits.
The Washington Post | Feb 18, 2021

The Washington Post opinion piece by Scott Institute faculty affiliate Jay Apt and PhD student Luke Lavin regarding Texas power market and climate.
Scientific American | Jan 12, 2021

Energy Fellow Costa Samaras shares his views on opportunities to sustain the record drop in 2020 U.S. emissions. Read more here.


WESA90.5 | Dec 1, 2020

Energy Fellow Costa Samaras shares his hopes for decarbonization in PA and Biden’s climate plan on Pittsburgh’s NPR Station.
Forbes | Nov 23, 2020

CMU battery expert Venkat Viswanathan and CMU Mechanical Engineering PhD student Shashank Sripad check plausibility of using automotive batteries for Joby Aviation's VTOL in Forbes.
Pittsburgh Quarterly | Oct 28, 2020

Reed McManigle, Mentor in Residence at CMU's Center for Technology Transfer and Enterprise Creation (CTTEC) was interviewed by Donald Bonk for the Pittsburgh Tomorrow podcast series. In episode 21 of the series, Reed talks about CMU's tech recipe that feeds Pittsburgh's Future. Read more here.
State Impact Pennsylvania | Sep 14, 2020

Costas Samaras, Energy Fellow, is quoted within the discussion of the key issues of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, via StateImpact Pennsylvania.
Financial Times | Sep 9, 2020

Venkat Viswanathan, energy expert, is highlighted for developing a lighter, pure lithium metal battery in partnership with the DOE, via Financial Times.
DesignNews | Sep 4, 2020

DesignNews referenced CMU researchers who, in collaboration with the DOE's Berkeley laboratory, are developing a way to solve battery failure in EVs.
The Business Journal | Sep 2, 2020

Scott Institute Executive Director Anna J. Siefken, alongside the DOE's Daniel Simmons and other experts, spoke on a panel focused on electric-powered vehicles, battery research and distribution. The Business Journal covered the event, part of the Regional Economic Development Summit.
Gizmodo | Aug 17, 2020

Edward S. Rubin, senior energy fellow, explains how we would turn to renewables if we burned through fossil fuels, via Gizmodo.
NEXTpittsburgh | Aug 16, 2020

NEXTpittsburgh listed the Scott Institute's Clean Energy, Workforce Equity webinar as one of the top things to do in Pittsburgh.
Forbes | Jul 31, 2020

CMU spinoff Hyliion and its under-30 CEO Thomas Healy (Engineering '14) aspires to compete with Tesla and Nikola in the electric-powered big rig revolution, according to Forbes. The company is a leading provider of electrified powertrain solutions for Class 8 vehicles, helping to eliminate carbon intensity.
Pittsburgh Business Times | Jul 24, 2020

Ascender Incubator Selects CMU Spinoff Farm to Flame Energy.
CleanTechnica | Jul 22, 2020

Venkat Viswanathan Collaborates on Battery Electrolyte Development with Lawrence Berkeley National Lab: Viswanathan led research on a new class of soft, solid electrolytes that can help to create safer, higher energy and longer lasting batteries. As seen in CleanTechnica.
Scientific American | Jul 22, 2020

In a Scientific American article discussing how remote work has affected planet-warming emissions, Energy Fellow Costa Samaras explains the various factors at play.
Vox | Jul 21, 2020

Vox interviewed PhD student Jessica Lovering (EPP) about the prospects for advanced nuclear plants to play a role in climate change.
Vox | Jul 16, 2020

Scott Faculty Affiliate Lucia Creates Solar-Powered Remote Image Sensor: Brandon Lucia and his team designed Camaroptera, a battery-less device that processes and transmits images. Their tool is inexpensive, algorithmically designed to be energy efficient and applicable to many image-processing situations.
Wired | Jul 13, 2020

WIRED spoke with PhD candidate Shashank Sripad (MechE) on how his team's research (led by Scott Institute Energy Fellow Venkat Viswanathan) provides insight into the future of the autonomous and electric vehicle industries.
Dezeen | Jul 6, 2020

Dezeen Magazine featured Epiphyte Lab, a studio co-founded by Scott Institute Faculty Affiliate Dana Cupkova (Architecture), that designs energy efficient buildings.
Gizmodo | Jun 25, 2020

In an interview with Gizmodo, Scott Institute Energy Fellow Constantine Samaras (CEE/EPP) discussed how the increase of electric trucks will be crucial to the health of Californian communities.
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | Jun 24, 2020

Faculty Affiliate Allen Robinson (EPP/MechE) testified at a recent public hearing for the state DEP's proposal to limit emissions of methane and volatile organic compounds at shale gas operations, as reported by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.
Business Insider | Jun 2, 2020

Scott Institute Faculty Affiliate Raj Rajkumar (ECE) spoke with Business Insider about his thoughts on Tesla's groundbreaking Autopilot feature and how it compares to competing technologies.
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | Jun 2, 2020

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette shared Energy Fellow Nicholas Muller's (EPP/Tepper) work on the benefits and costs of social distancing policies. The study determined a decline in premature mortality from air pollution due to reduced car travel and electricity usage. Also, The Pittsburgh Business Times covered a letter co-authored by Muller to the governors of PA, Ohio and WV regarding the future of the petrochemical and clean energy industries.
Forbes | May 24, 2020

Forbes highlighted research by Senior Energy Fellow Karen Clay (Heinz/Tepper) and Energy Fellow Nicholas Muller (EPP/Tepper) on rising U.S. air pollution levels.
Wired | May 20, 2020

WIRED covered Energy Fellow Zachary Ulissi's (ChemE) collaboration with the University of Toronto, in which they use AI to accelerate progress in transforming waste carbon into a commercially-valuable product with record efficiency.
National Geographic | May 20, 2020

National Geographic spoke with Energy Fellow Constantine Samaras (CEE/EPP) who said technological, behavioral and structural change is the best way to reduce emissions.
E&E News | May 20, 2020

E&E News interviewed Energy Fellow Paulina Jaramillo (EPP), who shared her insight on the transition toward net-zero electric power production and associated CO2 emissions reductions.
NEXTpittsburgh | May 18, 2020

A new study from CMU students advised by Senior Energy Fellow Ed Rubin (EPP/MechE) analyzes the energy intensity of Allegheny County's food system. Read more in NEXTpittsburgh.
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | May 13, 2020

In a Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article, Faculty Affiliate Allen Robinson (EPP/MechE) discusses the problems posed by leaking methane emissions.
Scientific American | Apr 21, 2020

In Scientific American, Jay Apt (EPP/Tepper) weighs in on a new rooftop wind power solution, AeroMINE.
E&E News | Apr 17, 2020

According to experts, global carbon dioxide emissions could fall five percent as a result of the coronavirus pandemic; Energy Fellow Constantine Samaras (CEE/EPP) speaks with E&E News about why it's not cause for celebration.
Marker | Apr 15, 2020

Leading up to the much-anticipated Battery Day, Energy Fellow Venkat Viswanathan (MechE) is quoted in Marker on the big news he predicts Tesla will announce.
The New York Times | Apr 15, 2020

The New York Times discusses CMU spinout Fifth Season's role as part of the shift to inland investments. The robotic vertical farming startup was co-founded by Tepper alumnus Austin Webb.
State Impact Pennsylvania | Apr 3, 2020

NPR's StateImpact Pennsylvania spoke with Senior Energy Fellow Karen Clay (Heinz/Tepper) and Albert Presto (MechE) about air pollution, and how it could make coronavirus worse. Coverage featured Clay's work in comparing death rates between cities that used a lot of coal for electricity generation and those that used less.
Quartz | Apr 2, 2020

In a Quartz article on increased generator pollution due to the coronavirus lockdown in Lagos, Nigeria, work by Energy Fellow Paulina Jaramillo (EPP) and her team is highlighted.
NEXTpittsburgh | Mar 25, 2020

NEXTpittsburgh discusses how alumni Ankur Dobriyal (Architecture/CEE), Hallie Dumont (Design) and Lu Zhu (Design) are building energy efficient homes.
Marker | Mar 24, 2020

Marker discusses cobalt reduction with Energy Fellow Venkat Viswanathan (MechE) and how it could save electric vehicles.
The Philadelphia Inquirer | Mar 17, 2020

The Philadelphia Inquirer mentions research by Scott Institute Director Emeritus Jared Cohon (CEE/EPP), Energy Fellow Nicholas Muller (EPP/Tepper) and Allen Robinson (EPP/MechE) on the impact of the shale gas boom.
The Telegraph | Feb 24, 2020

The Telegraph looks at electric transport waste with Scott Institute Director Jay Whitacre (EPP/MSE).
Forbes | Feb 13, 2020

Forbes cites the Scott Institute's compilation of power sector emissions over the past year utilizing the Carnegie Mellon Power Sector Carbon Index, a tool developed by a team under Constantine Samaras.
Forbes | Feb 4, 2020

In Forbes, Scott Institute Director Emeritus M. Granger Morgan (ECE,EPP) speaks about insurance executives' reference to hurricanes in the Golf Coast as "black swan events."
Fortune Magazine | Jan 28, 2020

Fortune Magazine interviewed Scott Institute Director Jay Whitacre (EPP/MSE) on battery recycling.
NEXTpittsburgh | Jan 23, 2020

NEXTpittsburgh covers Stefani Danes' (Architecture) project to create Pittsburgh's first ecovillage.
Los Angeles Times | Jan 16, 2020

Senior Energy Fellow Ed Rubin (EPP) discussed using renewable resources to offset fossil fuels in the Los Angeles Times.
MIT Technology Review | Jan 15, 2020

In MIT Technology Review, Energy Fellow Constantine Samaras (CEE/EPP) discusses the need to renovate infrastructure to combat climate change.
The Atlantic | Jan 7, 2020

Energy Fellow Constantine Samaras (EPP/CEE) spoke with The Atlantic about changes to U.S. emissions after the release of the report on "Preliminary US Emissions Estimates for 2019" citing a drop in coal consumption, yet, an increase pollution.
NEXTpittsburgh | Jan 1, 2020

NEXTpittsburgh named these CMU spin-offs working on energy issues to its list of 20 tech companies to watch in 2020: Fifth Season, Gecko Robotics and Rapid Flow Technologies. The publication also recognized Christine Mondor (Architecture) as one of three Pittsburgh architects fighting climate change.


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | Dec 22, 2019

In a Pittsburgh Post-Gazette op-ed, Scott Institute Director Emeritus and University Professor Jared Cohon (CEE/EPP) responds to an earlier published article on his team's research on the cumulative impacts of shale gas.
Wired | Dec 18, 2019

WIRED interviewed Jeremy Michalek (EPP) about the recent federal tax credit phaseout for Tesla’s electric vehicles (EV). The EV policy expert comments on how it could affect state “zero emissions vehicle” targets.
Science Magazine | Dec 11, 2019

Science Magazine mentions the CMU team led by Energy Fellow Venkat Viswanathan (MechE) that's using an AI system to find safer charge-carrying electrolytes for lithium-ion batteries, which are now prone to catching fire.
Now This | Dec 4, 2019

Now This cites an EPA analysis by Senior Energy Fellow Karen Clay (Heinz) and Energy Fellow Nicholas Muller (Tepper) that disproves President Trump's claim of lower U.S. air pollution. Clay also spoke with Pittsburgh's NPR station about a new state report that finds PA air quality has improved in recent years.