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Research & Innovation

The Scott Institute supports CMU strategic energy research and innovation through faculty funding, strategic partnerships and investments.

University Energy Institute Collaborative

2019 University Energy Institute Leadership Summit Attendees

The Initiative was launched in 2019 by the Scott Institute and Colorado School of Mines' Payne Institute for Public Policy.


energy sources

To address the world's energy challenges, CMU researchers develop critical technical and policy-based solutions. 

Energy Innovations


The Scott Institute is proud to partner with various organizations on CMU's campus to help advance energy innovation.

Research Centers

research center

The Scott Institute engages with many energy-related centers throughout Carnegie Mellon.

Seed Grants


Seed funding is available to support faculty research in areas such as energy sources, production, efficiency, and more.


Fellowships and Grant Matching Program

phd student

The Scott Institute is pleased to offer President’s Energy Fellowships to PhD students, to be awarded as matching support to external research proposals related to energy. 

Visiting Faculty Fellows


The Visiting Faculty Fellows Program provides support for senior visitors from academia, industry or government for 1-2 semesters. Diego Cafaro is our latest faculty fellow. Questions? Contact Andrew Gellman.