Carnegie Mellon University

Scott Institute Faculty Advisory Committee

The Wilton E. Scott Institute for Energy Innovation works with an internal faculty advisory committee that offers general strategic advice and guidance to the Institute. Committee members serve terms of one to three years. They are chosen to provide disciplinary diversity and representation of faculty across the university.

Yuvraj Agarwal 

School of Computer Science, Institute for Software Research

Stefan Bernhard 

Mellon College of Science, Chemistry

Chris Bettinger 

College of Engineering, Materials Science & Engineering, Biomedical Engineering

Karen Clay 

Heinz College of Information Systems and Public Policy

Erica Cochran Hameen 

School of Architecture

Baruch Fischhoff 

College of Engineering, Engineering & Public Policy/Institute for Politics and Strategy

Shawn Litster 

College of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science & Engineering

Nicola Secomandi 

Tepper School of Business, Operations Management

Venkat Viswanathan

College of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering