Carnegie Mellon University

Seed Grants for Energy Research

Seed funding is available to support faculty research at Carnegie Mellon University in areas such as energy sources, production, efficiency, environmental impact of energy, including shale gas; policy and economic issues.

Read about our annual funding that has resulted in more than $13M of follow-on funding from a variety of sources: 

In 2018, a sixth round of grants resulted in nearly $284,000 in funding from the Scott Institute and the EQT Foundation for six projects (out of 27 proposals).
In 2017, a fifth round of grants resulted in nearly $553,000 from the Scott Institute and the EQT Foundation, for eight projects (out of 22 proposals).

In 2016, a fourth round of grants resulted in $460,420 of funding for nine projects. 

In 2015, a third round of grants resulted in over $500,000 of funding, including $181K from the EQT Foundation, for eight projects (out of 35 submissions).

In 2014, a second round of grants resulted in seven projects from 34 proposals.

In 2013, a first round of grants resulted in six projects being funded from 26 proposals.