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Energy Innovations

The Scott Institute is proud to partner with various organizations on CMU's campus to help advance energy innovation. 

Innovative Energy Technologies: The Next Generation
This technology guide was developed by a team led by Deborah D. Stine, former Professor of the Practice, Department of Engineering and Public Policy, and former Associate Director for Policy Outreach, Scott Institute; and Reed McManigle, Senior Manager and Mentor in Residence, Center for Technology Transfer and Enterprise Creation, Carnegie Mellon University. The names of the CMU-related students, faculty, and alumni who developed the technologies summarized in this guide are provided as each technology is described.

Download Innovative Energy Technologies: The Next Generation [.pdf].

Innovating for Competitive Advantage Webinar Series

This webinar series focuses on emerging energy technologies from Carnegie Mellon University. It is produced in partnership with Catalyst Connection.

Virtual Home Energy Audits Via Smart Meter Analytics

Characterizing Emissions from Natural Gas Production Using Mobile Labs

Edible Electronics

Robotic Water Quality Monitoring

Harnessing Energy Through Walking


Energy Science

Energy Storage and Conversion:

The Next Generation

Chemistry in a New Light:

Solar Fuels