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Rachel Kurchin

Rachel Kurchin

Assistant Research Professor

5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213


Dr. Rachel Kurchin is an Assistant Research Professor in the Materials Science and Engineering Department. She was previously a Manufacturing Futures Initiative and Molecular Sciences Software Institute Postdoctoral Fellow in the group of Prof. Venkat Viswanathan. She completed her MPhil in Materials Science and Metallurgy from the University of Cambridge, followed by her PhD in Materials Science and Engineering at MIT, where she worked in the PVLab with Prof. Tonio Buonassisi.


  • 2019 Ph.D. Materials Science and Engineering, MIT
  • 2014 M.Phil. Materials Science and Metallurgy, Cambridge
  • 2013 B.S. Physics, Yale


Research is at the interface of electronic structure theory and materials and devices for carbon-free electricity generation and storage. Expertise includes density functional theory, photovoltaic device simulation, Bayesian parameter estimation, machine learning, and electrochemical reaction rate modeling.