Carnegie Mellon University

Key Initiatives

Power Sector Carbon Index

The Power Sector Carbon Index is an initiative created to track the progress of the United States’ transition to cleaner electricity generation.

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University Energy Institute Collaborative

The University Energy Institute Collaborative (UEIC) is a first-of-its-kind partnership of U.S. university-based energy institutes formed to address the critical challenges facing America’s energy systems. Partners include over 150 energy institutes and a network of energy experts from around the world.

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Green Design Institute

The Green Design Institute (GDI) at Carnegie Mellon University seeks to conduct, foster, and promote research pertaining to infrastructure and systems growth in the developing world.

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Open Energy Outlook

The Open Energy Outlook aims to examine U.S. energy futures to inform energy and climate policy efforts by applying the gold standards of policy-focused academic modeling, maximizing transparency, and building a networked community. 

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Laboratory for Energy and Organizations (LEO)

Laboratory for Energy and Organizations aims to understand how energy producers and users are adapting to various sources of pressure to mitigate GHG emissions (from national and local policies, peers, suppliers, and buyers).

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Battery Storage Initiative

We are working on the technology and policy challenges that revolve around the discovery, design, implementation of solutions that rely on batteries, fuel cells, and electrolyzers.