Carnegie Mellon University

Burcu Akinci

Burcu Akinci

Director, Engineering Research Accelerator
Associate Dean for Research, College of Engineering
Paul Christiano Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering

  • Porter Hall 123K
5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213


Dr. Burcu Akinci is a Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering and co-director of Pennsylvania Smarter Infrastructure Incubator at Carnegie Mellon University.  She earned her BS in Civil Engineering (1991) from Middle East Technical University and her MBA (1993) from Bilkent University at Ankara, Turkey. After that, she earned her MS (1995) and her Ph.D. (2000) in Civil and Environmental Engineering with a specialization in Construction Engineering and Management from Stanford University.


Dr. Akinci's research includes integration of virtual information models with a variety of sensing technologies to streamline operations and management of facilities and other infrastructure systems to support energy efficiency and sustainability.

How can we make our infrastructure systems more intelligent, so that we can make better decisions about them? Civil and Environmental Engineering Professor Burcu Akinci discusses her research into using smart infrastructure techniques to make infrastructure systems more resilient, sustainable and robust.