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Upcoming Virtual Events

A Distinguished Lecture by U.S. Department of Energy Assistant Secretary of Nuclear Energy, Rita Baranwal|Dec. 3, 11AM EST


Dr. Rita Baranwal serves as the Assistant Secretary for the Office of Nuclear Energy in the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE); she was nominated by the President and confirmed by the U.S. Senate to perform in this role. Dr. Baranwal leads the office’s efforts to promote research and development (R&D) on existing and advanced nuclear technologies that sustain the existing U.S. fleet of nuclear reactors, enable the deployment of advanced nuclear energy systems, and enhance the U.S.A.'s global commercial nuclear energy competitiveness.

Prior to her current role, Dr. Baranwal directed the Gateway for Accelerated Innovation in Nuclear (GAIN) initiative at Idaho National Laboratory. She was responsible for providing the nuclear industry and other stakeholders access to DOE's state-of-the-art R&D expertise, capabilities, and infrastructure to achieve faster and cost-effective development, demonstration, and ultimate deployment of innovative nuclear energy technologies. Under her leadership, GAIN positively impacted over 120 companies.


City of Pittsburgh's 2020 - 2021 Energy Planning, featuring Mayor Bill Peduto |Dec. 10, 10AM EST


The Wilton E. Scott Institute for Energy Innovation will showcase Mayor Bill Peduto and the City of Pittsburgh’s new and developing strategy for energy infrastructure and performance.

As a city of over 300,000 people at the center of a region of 2.5 million people, Pittsburgh has already begun to experience the effects of climate change with harsher winters, hotter summers, record setting precipitation, flooding, and increased numbers of invasive species. Coordinated, concentrated, and comprehensive carbon mitigation action is needed to reduce the severity of regional impacts and to prepare for a future with a low carbon economy.

To address these challenges, Pittsburgh, in partnership with local universities and utilities, has created a number of plans and initiatives, including a comprehensive Energy Strategy, a Climate Action Plan, and an Energy Master Plan for Publicly-Owned Facilities – all of which aim to moderate the climate crisis through reducing pollution and carbon emissions. These efforts will collectively kick start the green transition and create new green job possibilities in Pittsburgh and the southwestern Pennsylvania region.

Join the City of Pittsburgh and CMU's Scott Institute for Energy Innovation with other local university and utility partners for three panels to showcase energy efforts from 2020 and opportunities for 2021 and beyond.

Speakers include:

  • Elizabeth Cook, Senior Manager, System Planning (Transmission and Distribution) –Duquesne Light Company
  • Rob Dobish, Associate Vice President and Chief Facilities Officer – Duquesne University
  • James Lodge, Vice President, Strategy and Business Development – Clearway Energy
  • Tony Young, Vice President, Facilities, Planning, and Operations – Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh

Panels will be moderated by City of Pittsburgh Chief Resilience Officer, Grant Ervin and CMU Scott Institute for Energy Innovation Executive Director Anna. J. Siefken.