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Sean Qian

Sean Qian

Associate Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Heinz College

5000 Forbes Avenue
Civil & Environmental Engineering
Pittsburgh, PA 15213


Zhen (Sean) Qian joined the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering in July 2015. He directs the Mobility Data Analytics Center (MAC) at CMU. Qian was most recently an assistant research professor jointly appointed at the Heinz College and Institute for Complex Engineered Systems. He was a postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Stanford University from 2011 to 2013 and received his Ph.D. degree in Civil Engineering from the University of California, Davis.


  • Ph.D. 2011 - University of California Davis
  • MS 2012 - Stanford University
  • MS 2006 - Tsinghua University
  • BS 2004 - Tsinghua University


Sean's primary research interest is in the planning and operations of transportation infrastructure networks aiming at optimal system performance and efficient energy use.

Research Groups: EESSAIS


Qian's current research lies in the integration and optimization of civil infrastructure systems. The primary focus of his research is to manage aging and overcrowded transportation infrastructure systems and to build sustainable and resilient infrastructure networks. He is particularly interested in large-scale dynamic network modeling for multi-modal transportation systems, in the development of intelligent transportation systems (ITS) and in urban system interdependency modeling.


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