Carnegie Mellon University

The Major in Logic and Computation

  • Reflects the Philosophy Department's distinct approach to Philosophy
  • Gives students a firm foundation in logic, computation, and statistics
  • Provides analytic methods used to address philosophical issues
  • Students take a common core of courses in logic, methodology, and computer science, along with individualized advanced electives, and Senior Thesis


Logic & Computation is a Bachelor of Science degree. The curriculum of the major is designed to be flexible and tailored to the individual student’s interests. There are three pre-requisite courses that students will take to prepare them in computer science, mathematics and statistics. The course requirements consist of seven core courses (including the Senior Thesis) and four advanced electives.

You can learn more about the curriculum and major requirements in the Undergraduate Catalog.

Logic & Computation is also offered as a minor, which focuses on the same skills as the major, but requires only six courses.

Beyond the Degree

Logic & Computation students gain skills in logic, analytic philosophy, mathematics, statistics, and computer science, enabling them to pursue professional careers or graduate study in many areas.

Logic & Computation students go on to a wide range of careers and graduate work, including:

  • Software engineering
  • Computer science
  • Cognitive science
  • Business analysts
  • Philosophy

...and more.