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Career Guidance

Career Guidance

Students pursuing the Logic and Computation major develop exactly those skills that are most important for careers in fields like technology, business, and law:

  • Technical skills: Students obtain a firm grounding in logic, computer programming, and statistics.
  • Conceptual and analytic skills: In writing their theses, students address and analyze difficult real-world problems. In doing so, they are required to determine the relevant conceptual issues and features of the problem, decide which analytic methods can effectively be applied, and then carry out the analysis in a detailed and rigorous manner.
  • Communication skills: As with any philosophy major, emphasis is placed on the effective oral and written communication of arguments and ideas. At the end of their senior year, students engage in a workshop that further polishes their skills in writing and presentation.


The CMU Career Center has resources that will assist you in finding fellowships, internships, summer employment, and employment after graduation. The center can also help you write a resume and cover letters, and prepare for interviews with prospective employers.

The career consultant for Dietrich College is Kristin Staunton. Kristin is available to meet with students to discuss career options, job search strategies, and graduate school preparation. You can contact her by e-mail, or by calling the Career Center's main number, 412-268-2064.

The Center maintains a number of bulletin boards which are listed in the "About the Career Center" section of the home page. You should also subscribe to the H&SS bulletin board,, where information on upcoming programs and career-related events is posted.

The Fellowship Resource Advising Center has resources that will help you find scholarships and fellowships that you may be eligible for.

An free, independent service called Fastweb can help you find information regarding scholarships that you may be eligible for.