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General Inquiries
(412) 268-8568 Office
Department Head David Danks
(412) 268-8047
Baker Hall 161D
Director of Graduate Studies and Admissions Kevin Zollman
(412) 268-8493
Baker Hall 161E
Director of Undergraduate Studies Mara Harrell
(412) 268-8152
Baker Hall 161G
Academic Program Manager Patrick Doyle
(412) 268-3704
Baker Hall 161A
Graduate Academic Coordinator Jan Puhl
(412) 268-8569
Baker Hall 135A

Mailing Address

The Philosophy Department Staff and most Faculty are working remotely during the fall semester.  Please reach out to them if you need assistance or have questions.  You can find their emails on our People page.

Carnegie Mellon University
Department of Philosophy
5000 Forbes Avenue
Baker Hall 161
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

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Please call in advance to arrange for a meeting.