Carnegie Mellon University

5th-year Masters program

MS in Logic, Computation & Methodology

Highly qualified undergraduates with majors in the Department of Philosophy may be able to complete a Master of Science in Logic, Computation & Methodology in a fifth year at Carnegie Mellon.

Ideally, students apply for the program in early January of their junior year, allowing them time to take courses that would count for the Masters program in their fourth year.

Any course that has a graduate level section (80-405/705; 80-411/711 for example) may count toward the Masters program – credit for courses is decided on an individual basis in consultation between the Director of Graduate Studies and the individual course instructor. For any course in which a student earns an “A” grade and the instructor believes that they did graduate level work, credit will be given toward the Masters.

Ideally, a student would finish their undergraduate degree with six (6) courses that would count toward the Masters degree, allowing them the 5th year to complete either six (6) more courses, or four (4) courses and their thesis.

Students are required to take:

  • Core Seminar (80-600)
  • Formal Logic Sequence (80-616)
  • Formal Methods (80-618).

In the 5th year, students would receive the same financial package that a regular Masters student would receive: up to a 50% tuition fellowship, added to whatever outside fellowships or other tuition awards the student has gained on her or his own. In addition, qualified MS students have the opportunity to serve as teaching assistants or graders for undergraduate courses, for a stipend rate set annually by the department. In the 2015-2016 academic year, by TAing or grading one course per term for each of two terms, an M.S. student earns $8,000 in stipend. In addition, the department provides approximately $1,100 to cover the cost of a Carnegie Mellon health insurance policy.