Carnegie Mellon University

Graduate Studies

The department of philosophy at Carnegie Mellon is an interdisciplinary program focusing on contemporary philosophical problems.

Our graduate programs reflect our interest in scientifically engaged philosophical investigation.  Interested students are encouraged to look at the department's research strengths and list of faculty to see if their research interests match one of our strengths.

The department offers three doctorate programs and two master's programs. Students are encouraged to apply for all the degrees that interest them. Students are admitted either to the doctoral programs or master's programs and are free to choose between the degrees offered at the appropriate level.

Philosophy Degrees

Doctorate in Philosophy
Doctorate in Logic, Computation, and Methodology
Doctorate in Pure and Applied Logic
Master of Science in Logic, Computation, and Methodology
Master of Arts in Philosophy

Those seeking admission to any of our graduate programs may apply online.

List of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Did you know?

The department was recently ranked among the top graduate programs in National Research Council, placing in the 2-9 range out of 90 programs!

Our graduate students have a strong placement record in multiple disciplines both inside and outside of academia. Since 2018, 71% of our Ph.D. graduates are in academic positions; 17% have found non-academic employment.

The Horacio Arló-Costa Graduate Fellowship awarded every other year to an especially promising first-year graduate student, and is intended to help increase the quality and diversity of all aspects of the graduate program.