Carnegie Mellon University

21st Annual Pitt-CMU Graduate Student Philosophy Conference

Decisions & Transformative Experiences
March 21-22, 2020 at University of Pittsburgh

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Keynote Speakers

Paul's main research interests are in metaphysics, cognitive science, and the philosophy of mind. In her work, she explores questions about the nature of the self, decision-making, temporal experience, philosophical methodology, causation, causal experience, time and time’s arrow, perception, mereology, constitution, and essence.

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Allen's main areas of research concern the philosophical foundations of cognitive science and neuroscience. He is particularly interested in the scientific study of cognition in nonhuman animals and computers, and he has published widely on topics in the philosophy of mind, philosophy of biology, and artificial intelligence. He also has several projects in the area of humanities computing.

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Teddy Seidenfeld (H.A. Simon University Professor of Philosophy and Statistics) works on foundations at the interface between philosophy and statistics, often being concerned with problems that involve multiple decision makers.

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University of Pittsburgh

Location TBD