Carnegie Mellon University

2024 Pitt-CMU Graduate Student Philosophy Conference

Saturday, March 16, 2024 at Carnegie Mellon University
Baker Hall A36, Adamson Wing

In the Spring semester of each academic year, graduate students from three Pittsburgh area departments (Pitt Philosophy, Pitt HPS, and CMU Philosophy) come together to organize a conference to exhibit promising work from graduate students around the world in all areas of contemporary philosophy. The conference also includes a keynote by a prominent philosopher; past keynote speakers include L.A. Paul, Hartry Field, Bas van Fraassen, Michael Strevens, and Stephen Yablo.


The keynote address will be given by Elisabeth Camp, Rutgers University.
Faculty address by Nandi Theunissen, University of Pittsburgh.

  • Niklas Dahl – "Reference Split: Two Ways to Understand Reference"
  • Will Schumacher – "Is it Anti-democratic to Rely on Expert Testimony?"
  • Adrian Liu & Mia Accomando – "Attentional Temperament and Norms on Attention"
  • Nicholas Michiele – "Forced Perceptioms: Leibniz's Problem of Aggregation"

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