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Terms & Conditions for External Attendees

Alcohol & Drugs:  The University supports and requires compliance with applicable law in all matters concerning alcohol and other controlled substances on University premises.  In Pennsylvania, among other things, it is unlawful: (i) for anyone to furnish or give any liquor, malt or brewed beverages to minors, visibly intoxicated persons, habitual drunkards or those prone to intemperate habits; (ii) to be visibly intoxicated; (iii) for those under the age of 21 to purchase or possess alcohol; (iv) to possess medically unsupervised controlled substances; (v) to manufacture, deliver, sell or possess an illegal substance.

Alcoholic beverages may not be consumed in the public areas of University premises (such as a residence hall lounge) without prior approval from Conference & Event Services.  Alcoholic beverages may not be sold on University premises.

Alterations:  Guests and their invitees may not make any alterations, changes or repairs or do any remodeling or painting of the accommodation or any associated facilities, furnishings or equipment provided.  Guests may not use padlocks or change room locks nor move any University furnishings or equipment.

Arrival/Check-in:  The Guest’s accommodation will be available for check-in on or after 3:00 p.m.  Earlier arrivals will not be accommodated.  If the Guest will be arriving later than midnight on the check-in date, the Guest must contact Conference & Event Services no later than 5:00 p.m. on the check in-date to advise Conference & Event Services of the Guest’s late check-in.  Failure to notify Conference & Event Services of the Guest’s late check-in may result in the Guest’s inability to check in or a significantly delayed check-in.

At the time of check-in, each Guest will be required to complete a Guest Information Card and Agreement, wherein the Guest provides the University with the Guest’s emergency contact information and the Guest acknowledges and agrees to these Terms and Conditions for Conference Housing & Guest Housing.

Only the Guest(s) designated by Conference & Event Services to occupy the assigned accommodation may occupy the accommodation.  If the Guest pays for additional invitees to occupy the assigned accommodation, the Guest is required to provide those invitee(s) names at the time of payment.  These arrangements (including payment) must be made at the time of registration.

The University reserves the right to require the Guest to provide a personal credit card upon the Guest’s arrival to cover the payment of costs of any incidentals that may be incurred by the Guest through the Guest’s length of stay and other costs and fees authorized by these Terms and Conditions for Conference Housing & Guest Housing.

Bicycles/Wheeled Transportation:  With the exception of transportation for persons with disabilities, no wheeled transportation (including inline skates, skateboards, bikes, scooters and motorized caters) may be operated inside any building or pedestrian ramp on University premises.  All such vehicles must yield to pedestrians' right of way, and no vehicles may be parked in any location or manner that violates fire and/or safety laws.  The University strongly recommends that Guests register their bicycles and similar vehicles with University Police.  This is a free service for the University community that helps recover stolen property and enables the University Police to notify the owner before the vehicle is impounded for any reason.

Candles and Incense:  Absolutely no fire is permitted within an accommodation or in any other areas of the building in which the accommodation is located.  Candles for decoration only, sachets and air fresheners are permitted.

Compliance with Laws and University Policies:  While on University premises, all Guests and their invitees must comply with all applicable laws and regulations, these Terms and Conditions for Conference Housing & Guest Housing and other relevant University published policies and/or rules.  Guests and/or their invitees who violate any of the foregoing and/or who behave in an unsafe or careless manner as determined by the University may be asked to leave or be removed from the University’s premises and may be held responsible or accountable for their actions.

Damage or Injury to Others:  The Guest is responsible and liable for, and shall hold the University harmless from, any and all injury and damage to persons or property caused, directly or indirectly, by the Guest’s or the Guest’s invitees’ negligent or intentional acts or omissions (including injury or damage caused by Guest’s defective property).

Damage to or Loss of Guest Property:  The Guest is responsible and liable for insuring the Guest’s own personal property, including for losses due to fire, smoke, water or theft.  The University is not responsible or liable for any loss or damage to the Guest’s or the Guest’s invitees’ personal property and does not provide any property or liability insurance coverage for Guest’s or the Guest’s invitees’ benefit.  The University reserves the right to discard or donate personal property or any other belongings remaining in an accommodation without any liability therefor after the accommodation has been assigned to another guest or has not been vacated by the prescribed time.

Damage to or Loss of University Property:  The Guest is responsible and liable for the cost of repair or replacement of any loss of, or damage to University property caused by the Guest or the Guest invitees negligence or intentional acts or omissions, and will be charged for the cost of any resulting repairs and/or replacements and/or custodial services not normally provided.  The Guest is also responsible for leaving the accommodation in a reasonably clean condition (with no articles of any kind left remaining in the accommodation) at the conclusion of occupancy.  The University reserves the right to charge the Guest a fee for custodial services not normally provided in the event that the Guest’s accommodation is not left in a reasonably clean condition, free of articles. 

Departure/Check-out:  Guests are required to check-out of their accommodation by noon on the date of departure.  All electronic key cards are set to expire at noon on the date of departure. Hard keys must be returned to Conference & Event Services (summer- Stever House Guest Services Desk; fall and spring – Residence on Fifth, Second Floor) prior to departing in order to finalize the check-out process.

Fire:  University premises are equipped with working smoke detectors for Guest safety.  In the interest of safety, Guests should confirm the location(s) of the fire alarms and emergency exit escapes and doors in relation to the Guest’s accommodation.

Firearms:  The possession or use of firearms or weapons, regardless of whether or not it is contrary to state law, is prohibited on University premises.  Explosives, firecrackers and other hazardous chemicals are also prohibited on University premises.

ID Card (Carnegie Mellon University):  A lost or stolen Carnegie Mellon University ID Card must be immediately reported by visiting Student Information Online or by contacting The HUB.  A replacement fee applies for all lost ID Cards.  Once a new ID Card has been created, your old ID Card will be invalid, and if found cannot be reactivated.  ID Card Terms of Use are required to be followed.

Keys:   One electronic key card or hard key will be provided to each paid Guest at check-in.  Guests will be responsible for a key replacement charge for lost keys as follows:  electronic key card - $5.00 for each lost key after the first loss key; hard key – up to $175.00 for re-coring of the lock and hard key replacement.  Guests may not duplicate keys under any circumstances.

Law Enforcement Access:  The University cannot and will not deny law enforcement officials access to University premises, including any accommodation.

No Smoking:  All University buildings are smoke-free.  Smoking outdoors is permitted only in designated areas on University premises.  Please refer to the Designated Smoking Locations Map.  Littering is prohibited; therefore, all cigarette butts should be properly disposed of in the cigarette butlers located in the designated areas.

No Solicitation/Advertising:  Solicitation/advertising is not permitted.

Noise Levels and Nuisance Behavior:  Certain University-operated apartments and other residence hall buildings and/or floors are expressly quiet living areas.  If the Guest’s accommodation is located within a quiet living area, the Guest agrees to abide by the 24-hour quiet hour policy in these areas and must ensure that the noise generated within the Guest’s accommodation is not audible at a distance of ten feet from the accommodation.  Guests and their invitees are not permitted to engage in any unacceptable behavior that causes a nuisance or disturbance to other guests.

Non-availability of Accommodation:  Accommodations may be unavailable for reasons beyond the University’s control or for other unforeseen reasons.  In such case, the University may attempt to offer the Guest an alternative accommodation.  If this is not possible for the University, or if this is unacceptable to the Guest, then the University will refund to the Guest the amount previously paid by the Guest to the University for the accommodation that was unavailable for the date(s) on which the accommodation was not available.  The University’s liability does not extend beyond this refund.  In no event will the Guest be entitled to any refund if the accommodation is unavailable for reasons due to the Guest or the Guest’s invitees, such as the Guest’s removal from University premises for violating these Terms and Conditions for Conference Housing & Guest Housing.

Payment at Registration; Cancellations for Guest Housing:  The total estimated cost of the Guest’s accommodation (together with any required security deposit) must be paid by personal credit card at the time of registration.  Cancellations must be made in writing by email to Conference & Event Services, at, and will only be effective when received by Conference & Event Services at least 48 hours prior to the Guest’s original check-in date. 

Guests who cancel reservations in writing at least 48 hours prior to the Guest’s original check-in date will receive a 50% refund of the total estimated cost of the Guest’s accommodation previously paid by the Guest (together with 100% of any security deposit paid).  Cancellations after the check-in date, no shows or cancellations not received by Conference & Event Services at least 48 hours prior to the Guest’s original check-in date are not refund eligible (with the exception of any security deposit), and Guest will remain liable for the full cost of the booking value for the entire length of stay originally reserved.

Personal Use Only:  The accommodations may not be used as a place of business, for storage or sale of commodities, or any purpose other than sleeping accommodations/temporary personal stays, unless approved in advance and in writing by Conference & Event Services.

Pets:  Pets are not permitted in University housing facilities. Please refer to the Office of Disability Resources for additional information about Specific Service Requests such as Service Animal and Emotional Support Animal Guidelines.

Pricing:  Carnegie Mellon University reserves the right to increase or decrease the prices of accommodations at any time.  The price of a Guest’s stay will be confirmed by Conference & Event Services at the time of registration. 

Right to Enter the Accommodation:  Carnegie Mellon University reserves the right for authorized representatives of the University to enter an accommodation at any time to plan or perform maintenance, whenever the University believes a clear and present danger exists or whenever the University’s policies, rules or regulations requires or authorizes such entrance.

Security Deposit for Guest Housing:  Guests registered for Guest Housing are required to provide a security deposit at the time of registration.  This security deposit will be held by the University until the Guest has departed and the accommodation is inspected for any damaged or missing items.  This security deposit will be refunded to the Guest within 30 days after the Guest’s departure, provided the Guest has (i) left the  accommodation in a reasonably clean condition and free of articles, (ii) timely vacated the accommodation and returned any keys required to be returned to the University by the time required on the agreed check-out date, (iii) there is no damage or missing items in the accommodation, and (iv) the Guest does not owe any other amounts for incidental charges incurred by the Guest in connection with the Guest’s stay at the accommodation.  In the event all of the foregoing items are not completed by the Guest, all or a portion of the security deposit may not be refunded at the University’s discretion.

Special Accommodations:  Guest are required to communicate medical or special needs at the time of registration and/or sufficiently in advance in order for the University to be able to accommodate these needs with an appropriate accommodation when possible and appropriate.

Statement of Assurance:  The University does not discriminate in admission, employment, or administration of its programs or activities on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, handicap or disability, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, creed, ancestry, belief, veteran status or genetic information.  Furthermore, the University does not discriminate and is required not to discriminate in violation of federal, state or local laws or executive orders.

University-Related Business or Purpose:  Guest Housing is available for persons visiting the University campus for University-related business or University-related purposes only, such as full-time or part-time students or other attendees participating in University summer sessions or seminars, visiting students or professors or research sponsor employees working with University faculty or staff, guest lecturers, visiting researchers or scientists, and prospective students and parents who are visiting the University campus or participating in a University campus tour.  All Guests staying in Guest Housing represent and warrant to the University that they are staying and visiting the University campus for University-related business or University-related purposes. Guest Housing for Interns is available during summer occupancy periods specified by Conference & Events Services for persons fulfilling summer internships in the Pittsburgh area.  To be eligible for Guest Housing for Interns, guests must occupy the accommodation for a minimum of 31 consecutive nights.  During the registration process, the Guest must provide to Conference & Event Services contact information for the company at which the Guest will be interning and evidence of the summer internship (such as a letter of acknowledgement from the company at which the Guest will be interning for the summer).

Window Ledges/Roofs:  Guests and their invitees are not permitted to be on window ledges or roofs at any time.  Also, objects (e.g., plants, laundry bottles, etc.) are not permitted outside on the window ledges.  Screens must stay in the window frames at all times.