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Changes to Guest Housing Program

To protect the well-being of the university community as the coronavirus outbreak continues to be a rapidly changing situation, we regretfully announce the cancellation of the summer Guest Housing Program for summer 2021. Please contact us at 412-268-1125 or with any questions.

Guest Housing

Guest Housing is available for persons 18 years of age or older visiting the Carnegie Mellon University campus for University-related business or University-related purposes, such as; attendees participating in University summer programs, visiting students or professors, research sponsor employees working with University faculty or staff, guest lecturers, visiting researchers or scientists, currently enrolled full-time Carnegie Mellon University students needing temporary accommodations and prospective students and parents who are visiting the University campus or participating in a University campus tour.  For questions about whether your purpose for requesting Guest Housing may be considered a University-related business or purpose, please contact the Conference & Event Services office by telephone at 412-268-1125 or by email at

Please visit our facebook page to view photos of our guest housing options.

Summer Guest Housing Accommodations:

RESNIK HOUSE:  Resnik House amenities are top notch and close to the Cohon University Center as well as major academic buildings.  Room types consist of suite singles and doubles.  Resnik amenities include microfridges (small refrigerator with microwave), a lounge on each floor, laundry facilities, community kitchens, air-conditioning and a dining venue on the ground floor. 

The nightly rates are as follows:

double occupancy in a double room (2 people per room) $54.00 (per person/per night)
single occupancy in a small single room (1 person per room) $67.00 (per person/per night)
single occupancy in a double room (1 person per room) $77.00 (per person/per night)

Linens are included in the prices listed above (bed linens, bath towel, hand towel and wash cloth).  Long-term guests will receive a weekly linen change.

A guest internet account may also be purchased during registration for an additional fee.

If you choose double occupancy in a double room, you will be assigned a roommate of the same gender.  All guests (up to 5 people) in each suite share one bathroom.  The living space will also be shared with the other guests.  Please note: there will be guests checking-in and checking-out on different days which means that you might have a roommate arrive before or after you.

Year-round Guest Housing Accommodations:

UNIVERSITY APARTMENT:  The University has one apartment located within a few blocks of the University’s campus that is available for rent year-round.  Please contact Conference & Event Services by telephone at 412-268-1125 or by email at for more information regarding this apartment.