Carnegie Mellon University

Student ID Cards

ID Card Services for Fall 2020 & Spring 2021

To help mitigate spread of COVID-19 and adhere to CMU's public health and safety guidance, The HUB will provide ID Card services on an appointment-only basis until further notice. Many of The HUB's regular ID Card Services policies and/or procedures have also been modified.


All enrolled students are entitled to an ID Card. Steps for acquiring a card for the first time, renewing an expired card, replacing a lost/stolen card, and replacing a damaged card may be found below. 

Note: Students needing a new card due to expiration, a lost/stolen card, or damaged card must visit The HUB to have a new photo taken and ID Card produced. Photos submitted online or old ID Card photos can not be accepted in these circumstances.

Questions about ID Cards? Contact The HUB.

New Graduate Students

New Students

During the summer, new students will be instructed to submit a photo online so The HUB can produce an ID Card. Students who do not submit a photo by the stated deadline will need to visit The HUB upon arriving to campus (after August 1 for fall graduate student arrivals or during Orientation Week for first-year students) to have a photo taken and ID Card produced. 

First-year students who submit their ID photo by the deadline (usually the beginning of July) will receive their ID Card upon residence hall check-in. 

Graduate students should check with their department to determine if their ID Card will be distributed during an orientation session or if they will need to visit The HUB to pick up their ID Card.

Tip: Orientation and the beginning of each semester are peak times in The HUB, so lines may be long. Students should plan their schedules accordingly.

Renewing an Expired Card

Renewing an Expired Card

While most student ID Card expiration dates are tied to graduation dates, some students may need to replace an expiring card due to various circumstances (i.e., graduation date change, additional semesters). Students may replace an ID Card up to one month before the expiration date printed on the ID Card by visiting The HUB to have a new photo taken and ID Card produced. The current/expiring ID Card must be surrendered when the replacement card is printed, otherwise the lost card fee of $25 will apply.

Note: Students who graduate and are beginning a new program (i.e., graduating with an undergraduate degree and entering a Master's program) must follow the guidelines for a new/incoming student.  Expired cards cannot be renewed until on or after August 1 for Fall arrivals.

Lost/Stolen ID Card

Lost/Stolen Card

It is important that The HUB be notified of lost or stolen cards as soon as possible in order to ensure that unauthorized access to facilities and funds does not occur. Students can temporarily deactivate an ID Card by logging into SIO and reporting the card as lost or stolen. 

To obtain a replacement ID Card, the cardholder must continue to meet the card eligibility criteria, complete and sign an ID Card Request form, and  then take the completed form to The HUB to have a new photo taken and ID Card produced. A new card number will be assigned in order to prevent fraudulent use of the lost or stolen card.

There is a nonrefundable fee of $25 for replacing lost ID Cards. Stolen ID Cards will be replaced free-of-charge if the cardholder produces a police report or Carnegie Mellon incident report verifying that the card was stolen. Otherwise, it will be treated as a lost card and the $25 fee will apply.

Damaged ID Card

Damaged Card

To obtain a replacement ID Card for a damaged card, the cardholder must continue to meet the card eligibility criteria, complete and sign an ID Card Request form, and then take the completed form to The HUB to have a new photo taken and ID Card produced. A $5 fee is charged to replace damaged cards, as long as the original damaged card is surrendered. If the original damaged card is not surrendered, the $25 lost card fee will apply. Expired cards that are damaged will be replaced free-of-charge upon exchange of the original card.