Carnegie Mellon University


From the Classroom to the World

Carnegie Mellon University is helping to shape the world through education, research and outreach.

The campus atmosphere offers opportunities to engage in groundbreaking research. And it's not just graduate students. Undergrads often work alongside professors who are leaders in their fields, with a student-faculty ratio of 10:1.

Approximately 96 percent of faculty members have a Ph.D. or equivalent degree in their field. Ninety-nine percent of all undergraduate classes are taught by faculty, who often teach both undergraduate and graduate courses. 

And it shows. Our alumni have gone on to become Nobel Prize winners, tech company founders, inventors, orchestra conductors, Oscar-winning producers, and more. (Watch Notable Alumni video »). 

Learn more about our seven distinguished schools and colleges:

While students typically enroll in one of these seven schools/colleges, they still have the opportunity to study beyond one discipline.

Carnegie Mellon is widely recognized for our unique interdisciplinary environment, encouraging work across departmental lines. As a result, our graduates enter the world with the ability to solve complex problems. The university also offers programs that are specifically designed to cross disciplines.

They teach. They mentor. They lead in their fields. Learn more about our faculty.

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