Carnegie Mellon University

IPS has evolved. Welcome to CMIST.

Carnegie Mellon University has launched an exciting new academic and research organization, the Carnegie Mellon Institute for Strategy & Technology (CMIST). What was once known as the Institute for Politics and Strategy (IPS) has now evolved into CMIST, a university-wide initiative devoted to the wise development, use, and governance of new and emerging technologies that are changing the national and international security landscape.  

The home for Carnegie Mellon University’s (CMU) study of Political Science and International Relations, CMIST’s academic programs allow students and faculty to wrestle with a wide range of issues including the future of democracy, the relationship between security and technology, the drivers of war and peace, domestic politics across countries, and the formulation of effective foreign policies.

CMIST’s Washington Center provides a unique opportunity for our students, faculty, and the greater university community, to drive, inform, and participate in important policy conversations happening in our nation's capital.

Taking advantage of the intellectually rich opportunities at Carnegie Mellon University, CMIST draws upon the university’s strengths in computer science and engineering and its distinctive tradition of collaborative, cross-university, cross-disciplinary research, to study the wide-ranging impacts of technological innovations upon human beings at home and abroad. CMIST ties together Carnegie Mellon University’s strengths in building new technologies to the crucial questions of strategy, security, ethics, and policy that will shape the future of humanity.