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Course Delivery

  • For the first two weeks of classes, courses will be delivered remotely with the exception of those designated as in-person only in SIO and S3.
  • SIO and S3 will not be adjusted to reflect the temporary change in course modality. Students enrolled in in-person courses will be notified by their instructor if the modality of their course is adjusted. 
  • We anticipate returning to in-person learning on January 31. 


  • All CMU faculty, students and staff, whether on or off campus, should get a baseline test sometime in the month of January, whether they are symptomatic or not. 
  • Tartan Testing is available for all asymptomatic community members who have not had a positive test within the last 90 days.
  • If a test is negative, no further action is necessary. If it is positive, follow these action steps (PDF).

coronavirus icon grayCMU COVID-19 Vaccine Data, Case Numbers and Testing

More than 98% of CMU's students, faculty and staff are now vaccinatedView the dashboard for additional information related to CMU's vaccine database, case numbers, testing and more.

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Tartan Testing


Tartan Testing is Carnegie Mellon's testing program for the diagnosis of COVID-19 in asymptomatic individuals and is an important element of the university's ongoing strategy to detect and prevent the spread of COVID-19 in our community.

All CMU community members, whether on or off campus, should get a baseline COVID-19 test in the month of January. Baseline testing can be completed via Tartan Testing, at-home testing kits or other available testing options. If your test is negative, no further action is necessary. If it is positive, follow the steps outlined on the COVID-19 reporting page.

Tartan Testing has moved locations to TCS Hall as of January 3.

Who Must Participate Weekly in Tartan Testing

  • Students who are in process of becoming fully vaccinated or those students who have been exempted from the COVID-19 vaccine requirement or facial covering requirement
  • Faculty/staff who have not uploaded their vaccination information to the university’s Vaccine Database or who have been exempted from the COVID-19 vaccine requirement

In addition, the university recommends getting tested after travel.

The test takes less than 15 minutes and same-day appointments are often available. Tartan Testing is also available for fully vaccinated CMU community members who desire a weekly test.

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Tartan Testing Process

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Faculty and Staff


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CMU Locations

Most information on this site applies to the Pittsburgh campus. Additional guidance is available for Africa, Australia and Qatar campuses. Other locations will be provided information by their program heads.

Flu Vaccinations

The flu vaccine is strongly recommended for Pittsburgh students and all campus members. Flu shots are $25 and are fully covered for students with CMU SHIP. Appointments are available for online scheduling through HealthConnect.

Faculty and Staff
The university is covering the cost of the vaccine for faculty and staff members at any Giant Eagle Pharmacy location in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia or Frederick, Maryland. Find a Giant Eagle Pharmacy or view Giant Eagle Pharmacy Locations by State and Zip Code [xlsx].