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Welcome to the Department of Mechanical Engineering, a cross-disciplinary environment for education and research that reflects the evolving nature of our field. From traditional topics like mechanical design and power generation to emerging areas such as biomechanics and culinary science, today MechE’s faculty, students, and research staff are solving some very surprising problems. 

In addition to forming research teams and partnerships within the Department, we are also leveraging the knowledge and expertise that exists across Carnegie Mellon University to tackle complex issues such as climate change, sustainable energy solutions, and innovative health therapies. At MechE, we strongly believe that, by fostering a collaborative environment that creates natural linkages across areas of expertise throughout the University, we can most effectively address these and other critical global challenges.

In order to strengthen this collaborative, boundary-crossing, energized environment, MechE is committed to recruiting faculty who are conducting leading-edge multidisciplinary research. The Department is also focused on attracting the best and brightest students from around the globe, then introducing them to crossdisciplinary topics via its forward-looking curriculum and its advanced research labs. MechE is also committed to forming close relationships with its accomplished alumni as they continue to emerge as shining stars in the international engineering community. 

While the Department of Mechanical Engineering will continue to evolve as our field changes, one thing will always remain constant: our commitment to groundbreaking innovation and global leadership. 

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