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CMU does the work that matters to solve real-world problems.

We break through silos and reach across disciplines to create new fields. We make pioneering discoveries that enrich the lives of people on a global scale. We build customized and collaborative partnerships with our eyes focused on the future of industry.

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Connect with the Center for Business Engagement to discover and respond to the most urgent issues impacting your business and access all the resources available at Carnegie Mellon for your organization in one convenient location.

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Bridging Ideas and Industry

Bring your company's groundbreaking ideas to market and build successful startup businesses with us. From robotics to architecture and data science to business analytics, we can help you build bridges to success in our hometown of Pittsburgh, a city renowned for reinvention.

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Customized and Collaborative Partnerships

Your company can access research opportunities that spur industry-wide advancement, drive your business forward while propelling your employees’ skills and transform your promising ideas into marketplace triumphs.

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