Carnegie Mellon University

Madeleine Cossell

Madeleine Cossell

Operations and Program Support


Madeleine Cossell began working at Carnegie Mellon University in April of 2016 and joined the Student Academic Success Center in it's Operations team in 2019. Their current tasks within SASC include data collection, systems set up and management, and support work for their colleagues in Learning Support. They are originally from Germany with family in the Pittsburgh area, and consider themself an almost-local. Outside of work, they spend their time reading, drawing, playing tabletop role playing games, and spending time with their cat, Abbott.

A surprising thing about me: In 2001 I was a charter member of the Lord of the Rings fanclub, so my name is in the "thank you" credits of all three extended edition films.

My favorite song: Always changing- at the time of asking it's a tie between Figure You Out by Djo and Pop Therapy by Video Age

My favorite movie: Lord of the Rings, all 11+ hours

I'm a fan of...: Steel City Roller Derby!