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Activating the Future: Our 2022 Corporate Sponsors

By Jess Ignasky

As the spring semester begins for students in the Master of Integrated Innovation for Products and Services (MIIPS) program, the opportunity to innovate in real-time also begins. The spring semester marks the beginning of the much-anticipated Integrated Product Development (IPD) capstone course for MIIPS students.

In this course, student teams are curated based on each member's unique academic background and work experience and charged with a problem statement for a corporate sponsor of the Integrated Innovation Institute.

For students, IPD capstone is a chance to solve a real-world problem and sit at the table through every design, engineering, and business consideration required to solve their problem statement thoughtfully. For corporate sponsors, the course provides the chance to have the value of their product, process, or service activated by innovative Carnegie Mellon students.

This year, students will innovate in service of the following sponsors:

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