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December 17, 2019

Managers in Training

By Elizabeth Donaldson

Master of Science in Software Management students are training to be the next generation of software leaders. 

In Catherine Fang's Software Engineering Management class, each student is assigned to a team and takes on a leadership role including product manager, scrum master, engineering lead, or UX designer. Throughout the course, each team develops a concept for a new application and is guided through the design and implementation processes as well as "dogfood" sessions, wherein each team spends time as users of their own products. The course is a holistic, hands-on application of software management skills. 

Learn about the student projects

Projects included:

When you're tired after a long day of work, do you find yourself resorting to junk food for a quick meal?

Big Bowl is the healthy solution when you're too tired to cook. Connecting hungry users to registered chefs in the area, Big Bowl is an easy way to get a homecooked meal without having to cook it yourself.

Unsure what to cook with what's in your fridge?

Fridgley helps users manage their groceries by storing shopping lists and recommending recipes based on your available ingredients.

How can students quickly and cheaply exchange textbooks and furniture?

With a student-exclusive community, SellPal allows students to buy and sell the supplies they need as they start the semester. 

Looking for some company while dining?

Foodish is a community platform for food-sharing. Users can see where food is available, meet new people, try new dishes, and explore the Bay Area through the communal app.

How can people without a car easily get to and from the grocery store?

Using personalized settings for language and currency, EZ-Grocery helps people access the grocery store even when they don't have their own car or credit card.

Looking to become a more effective public speaker?

Convey allows users to upload videos of their presentations and access indepth recommendations for improvement. 

Wanting to improve your language skills?

With ExcelLingo, users can get one-on-one personalized feedback from language tutors and apply their language skills through diverse curriculum.