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Volunteer to Make a Difference

Carnegie Mellon volunteers are alumni, parents, faculty, staff and friends who believe in the university’s mission and advocate for it on campus and around the world. As a CMU volunteer, you’ll be able to share your Tartan pride, enjoy new CMU experiences and connect with old friends — and make new ones!

The CMU Alumni Association can help connect potential volunteers with opportunities that fit their skills, interests and schedule and current volunteers to access resources and opportunities

Potential Volunteers

There are as many ways to volunteer for CMU as there are CMU alumni! In fact, Tartans are found across the United States in every region and all around the world — and you can volunteer from wherever you may be. Chances are, there is a time, place and volunteer commitment that matches your interests and schedule — and if there isn't, you might be able to start one!

Why make the time to volunteer? Our current volunteers find volunteering a great way to:

  • Stay connected to CMU and share pride in the university
  • Become part of a volunteer community and develop friendships and relationships
  • Improve the current student experience
  • Help the university grow
  • Network

The first step is to explore some of the options available through the Alumni Association or the colleges, departments or organizations on campus, and then get in touch. It's that simple.

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Regional Networks and International Networks: Alumni groups based on geographic location
  • Identity Networks: Alumni groups based on shared affinity or interests
  • Student Organization-Based Networks: Alumni groups based on involvement with a student organization
  • Reunions: The CMU Alumni Association oversees reunion planning for the quinquennial (five-year) reunion cycle at Spring Carnival. Ambassador work is valuable to continuing to build momentum around the growing tradition of celebrating reunion in grand style and to building the brand of the reunion engagement at Spring Carnival.
  • Mentorship Opportunities: Give back by offering quick advice through one-time connections or find long-term mentees as you share your "real world" experiences, hard-won career knowledge and other life experiences by mentoring current students.
  • Job Posting/On-Campus Recruiting: Opportunities to share open positions and/or recruit current students and alumni to your company.
  • Professional Development Presenter: On-campus, regional or virtual opportunities to share your professional knowledge with current students or alumni.
  • Virtual Programming: Opportunity to volunteer outside the physical site of an organization, project or campaign by working digitally to provide skilled services.
  • Athletics: Support, grow and develop the athletics program.
  • Parent Engagement: Parents and families of current CMU students can participate in Summer Welcome events, Tartan Talks, Take a Tartan to Work and other programs.
  • College/School/Department: A variety of volunteer opportunities exist that support CMU’s colleges, schools and departments. Reach out to around your school, college or department and we can connect you with the volunteer manager in that area.
  • Prospective Students/Admissions: Assist the Office of Admission by participating in or coordinating activities for prospective students who are interested in Carnegie Mellon.

Current Volunteers

Thank you for volunteering your time with Carnegie Mellon University! We want your experience to be fulfilling and fun, and we're happy to provide forms and resources that will help you succeed and get the most out of your role as a volunteer.

Please use Avery 2x8 templates (or equivalent) including the following styles - 15395, 25395, 42395, 45395, 48395, 5395, 8395, 88395, 85395

Connect with other CMU volunteers in the Alumni Community