Carnegie Mellon University

Mellon College of Science

The Mellon College of Science (MCS) is committed to the discovery of knowledge and training the next generation of scientists to take on critical global challenges, including sustainability, health and quality of life.

  • Dean’s Innovation Fund
    The fund helps to develop new programs and curriculum, retain key faculty, support students, improve outreach efforts and take advantage of ground-breaking opportunities as they arise.
  • MCS Student Undergraduate Research Fund
    The fund supports undergraduates by providing them with research scholarships for working with faculty researchers and travel funds for presenting their research at professional conferences.
  • MCS Diversity Initiatives
    The fund champions the efforts to build a diverse and inclusive MCS community by supporting curriculum development, student organizations, K-12 outreach programs, graduate student recruiting, faculty recruitment, and workshops to support faculty and teaching assistants in their approaches to teaching, advising and mentoring students from a wide range of life experiences and backgrounds.