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Annual giving is a common description for gifts that are made during CMU's fiscal year (July 1 - June 30). They can be designated for any purpose that you choose, though some of the most common are critical needs such as student financial aid, research and the university's Carnegie Mellon Fund, which is used wherever it's most needed.
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Annual gifts are the lifeblood of the university. Since tuition only covers about two-thirds of the cost of a CMU education, annual gifts help bridge the gap. In addition, annual gifts made by undergraduate alumni help raise the alumni giving participation rate – which impacts the university’s rankings.
Yes, the choice is yours! If you're giving online, just select the designation(s) that you'd like. If you're giving over the phone or via a check, just be sure to be specific about the program, school or fund you wish to support.
Contact us at 412-268-2582 or and we'll get you an answer straight away.
The Carnegie Mellon Fund is the university’s general unrestricted fund. Gifts to this specific fund are used wherever the need is greatest.
The short answer is no. The long answer is that the Annual Fund is actually a collection of funds, including the Carnegie Mellon Fund. If you want more detail, just give us a call at 412-268-2582 and we'll be happy to go into it in more detail.
Yes. For example, your gift of $50 matched with $50 from your company affords you recognition at the $100 level. 
Give whatever you are comfortable giving. We really can't stress that enough. But please give every year. And remember, any amount makes an impact. 
You can create an Andrew Carnegie Society Legacy Scholarship with a gift of $10,000 (payable over four years). Or create a more permanent scholarship that will forever benefit students at CMU. Contact us at 412-268-2582 or and we'll connect you with the appropriate person.
The choice is yours. If you have questions, please contact us at 412-268-2582 or
CMU’s fiscal year, that is, our accounting year, runs from July 1 – June 30. We ask for and count gifts during this time frame.

Endowment is the permanent capital of a university. Endowment refers to assets that are invested in perpetuity, unlike expendable funds, which are typically used for immediate needs. While the endowment principal remains in tact, annually a portion of the income is made available to the university. Therefore, by building the endowment, Carnegie Mellon has a greater ability to pay for its operating expenses. A larger endowment provides the university with greater flexibility in launching new projects or initiatives as well as in providing greater support to faculty and students.

A common misconception about a university’s endowment is that it is one "pot" of money with which the university can do what it wishes. Endowments are comprised of many separate funds, which are managed as a pool of assets. Donors set stipulations for funds and for what purpose the income may be spent. 

If you have further questions, contact us at 412-268-2582 or and we'll be happy to discuss the ins and outs of endowment, expendable and other fancy financial terms.