Carnegie Mellon University

Donors make a difference!

Carnegie Mellon’s annual Thank a Donor Day celebrates the support our generous donors show to our community through their gifts to scholarships, athletics, research, facilities, hands-on learning opportunities and so much more.

On Valentine’s Day 2023, we sent love out to each and every donor with visible signs of thanks and celebration events on campus. We also collected personal thank you messages from CMU students, faculty and staff to share here. And, finally, the map below highlights 14 of the ways that donors have made an impact on campus and beyond.

Explore Donor Impact

Here are examples of ways supporters are making a difference at CMU. Explore by clicking the Scottie dogs on the map.

Donors Made These Stories Possible

Legacy gifts from Chris Forland aim to ensure CMU engineers are prepared to change the world and achieve future successes.

Bernard and Sally Dobroski are funding the creative spirits of Tartan artists and musicians through scholarship support and endowed funds.

Thanks to the generous support of former chair of the Board of Trustees Jim Rohr and his wife, Sharon, the CMU community is fully engaged in the work of solving real-world problems through collaboration and connect at the Nexus of Civic Engagement.

The artistic talents and support of a quartet of Carnegie Mellon alumni have melded together to bring to life a bronze Scottish terrier sculpture — and a new and lasting campus tradition.

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