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University Libraries

Carnegie Mellon University Libraries empower faculty and student scholars with the resources they need to succeed in today’s information-driven society, such as access to high-quality data and the expertise to curate and share their research. 

Your support makes it possible for the University Libraries to advance research, learning and knowledge sharing across the university. 

Explore more about how you can be a part of the University Libraries Make Possible Campaign Initiatives or make an annual gift to one of these important funds: 

  • Build and expand digital resources 
    Supports creating digital resources by scanning archival & rare collections; licensing specialized resources to support campus research; and purchasing perpetual access to online journals, electronic books and specialized web resources. 
  • Showcase research excellence 
    Funds digital infrastructure that showcases faculty publications and research to the world. 
  • Enhance learning spaces 
    Accelerates learning for individuals and groups through improved environments and technology that maximizes the learning experience.