Carnegie Mellon University

University Libraries

The University Libraries is an essential academic partner, whose services, expertise, and collections are at the heart of the work of CMU. More than just books and archives, the Libraries strengthens the work of the CMU academic community to ensure its transformative impact on our campus and beyond. Offering digital resources, research support, enhanced learning spaces – and so much more – The Hunt, Sorrells, Mellon and CMU-Q libraries enrich the CMU student experience and benefit all members of the our community.

  • Build and expand digital resources
    The libraries create digital resources by scanning archival & rare collections; license specialized resources to support campus research; and purchase perpetual access to online journals, electronic books and specialized web resources.
  • Showcase research excellence
    The library provides digital infrastructure exposing faculty publications & research to the world. The library contributes to author publication charges thus enabling current faculty research to appear in open access journals and monographs.
  • Enhance learning spaces
    Learning in the library requires both individual and group focused learning environments as well as technology to maximize the learning experience. Technology enhancements range from flat screen displays to tools for using visualization software.