Carnegie Mellon University

Meet the ACS Board

The Andrew Carnegie Society is comprised of a board of dedicated, volunteer members who lead ACS initiatives and guide the group’s efforts in supporting CMU students and special projects, such as the ACS Legacy Scholarships, Student Experience Enhancement Fund, the ACS Awards and others.

ACS Board Members

Cameron Kelly Brown 
(DC 1995)
Jersey City, New Jersey

Don Coffelt 
(E 2008) 
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

Kevin Joseph Dowling 
(S 1983, CS 1994, 1997) 
Westford, Massachusetts

Ruth Ann Garrett 
(E 1983) 
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Bill L. James, Jr. 
(TPR 1978) 
Naperville, Illinois

Bryon Paul Krug 
(E 1998) 
Arlington, Virginia

Kristen Kurland
Swissvale, Pennsylvania

Timothy S.K. Liu 
(DC 1985)

Chicago, Illinois

Mary Lou Lehoczky 
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Ryan Menefee 
(DC 2008, HC 2009) 
Austin, Texas

John Robert Pranzatelli 
(DC 1980, HNZ 1980) 
Chevy Chase, Maryland

Edward J. Schmitz 
(HNZ 1975)
Vienna, Virginia

Ann Feng Simon 
(TPR 1993) 
New York, New York

Karl Sjogren 
(DC 2007, HNZ 2008)  
San Francisco, California

Audrey Sykes 
(S 1981) 
Springdale, Maryland

Peter Wang 
(E 2004) 
Jersey City, New Jersey

Lynn Yanyo 
(E 1981) 
Cary, North Carolina