Carnegie Mellon University
December 26, 2022

The Year’s Most Read

Catch up on the stories Tartans loved in 2022

This past year, the Carnegie Mellon University community came together to celebrate our favorite Spring Carnival & Reunion Weekend traditions, connect with new graduates during Commencement and attend events highlighting CMU’s world-changing innovation and research both in-person and virtually.

Look back on a year you’ll never forget through the most-read stories of 2022!

The Impact of 112

screenshot of 112 assignement

“112 is a lot more than just learning the fundamentals of programming. Professor David Kosbie teaches life lessons: how to be a good student, take charge in classes, build things that you're proud of, work really hard.”

— Tara Stentz, College of Engineering, Class of 2018

Carnegie Mellon’s Intro to Computer Science course has a life-changing power. Recent alumni reflect on how what they learned in the class that sticks with them years later.

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The Rise of Carter Redwood

“I wouldn't be where I am without the people who have mentored and inspired me and their knowledge and experiences. It’s important to pass on as much as you can to the next generation. I look at it like a baton, and granted I'm still running my race, I'm nowhere done. But I do feel strongly that while on the way up, if you can bring other people up with you, why not?”

— Carter Redwood, College of Fine Arts, Class of 2014

College of Fine Arts alumnus and “FBI: International” actor Carter Redwood may already star on the stage and screen, but he wants to makes sure others get there, too.

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Carter Redwood

Future-Focused Finances

Annabelle Huang

“The value proposition here really is utilizing technology to make things more accessible and efficient and unlock new ways of creating value. I’m excited to see what’s to come.”

— Annabelle Huang, Tepper School of Business, Class of 2015

Tepper School of Business alumna Annabelle Huang helps global investors connect with cryptocurrencies by lowering the barrier to entry for opportunities like bitcoin and other NFTs.

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Meet the Incoming Alumni Association Board President

“I loved my time on campus as a student, and now, I’m happy to do anything I can to give back to the place that fundamentally shaped the person I am today. It is inspiring and empowering to know that things I do impact our community of more than 120,000 of some of the brightest minds all over the country and the globe.“

— Brit McCandless Farmer, Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Class of 2008

Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Science alumna and “60 Minutes” digital producer Brit McCandless Farmer helps Tartans stay connected with CMU in her new role.

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Brit McCandless Farmer

From Lab to Table

Rahul Ramakrishnan

“Farming is a permanent need, an ever-growing demand and an industry that is in utmost need of automation. Precision agriculture is making data-driven decisions to improve the overall farming experience. That improvement could be in the form of increased productivity, better quality or yield of crops leading to better profitability, or improved sustainability of farms.”

— Rahul Ramakrishnan, School of Computer Science, Class of 2018

School of Computer Science alumnus Rahul Ramakrishnan might not drive a tractor, but his work in automated technology is key in growing fresh, healthy food for hungry people around the world.

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