Carnegie Mellon University

Teaching Assistant Conduct

All TAs are expected to perform all normal duties given to them by the course instructor.

Failure to meet job requirements can lead to termination (possibly without warning).

These responsibilities may include: homework and/or exam grading, proctoring exams and/or quizzes, running office hours and/or leading recitations, etc. Deadlines must be met in order to maintain continued employment.

TAs will hold themselves to high personal standards of demeanor and will always show respect for both the course instructor and students, and should engage in language and actions that create an inclusive learning environment. TAs are to be receptive to constructive feedback and implement it accordingly into their work. 

As stated in the university’s statement of assurance there will be no tolerance for behavior or language that encourages discrimination (or any words and/or actions that can be construed as such) as it relates to: gender and gender identity, sexuality, disability, age, socioeconomic status, ethnicity, race, and/or culture.

If a TA becomes aware of student conduct that may be negatively impacting the course, they are expected to inform the course instructor immediately.

If unresolvable issues arise between a TA and an instructor, either party may initiate a discussion with the TA hiring coordinator or their program director.

Conflicts of Interest

TAs that have a pre-existing relationship (i.e. friendship, romantic relationship, greek life brother or sister, family member, the student’s TA for a different class) with a student are responsible to report the nature of the relationship to course instructor, who at his or her discretion will work to reassign the TA to a different class or class section. 

TAs are not to engage in inappropriate socialization or enter into new relationships with course students during their semesters of employment.

Sexual Misconduct Policy

It is the policy of Carnegie Mellon University and the Department of Statistics & Data Science to maintain an academic and work environment that promotes the confidence to work, study, innovate and perform without fear of sexual misconduct. Such misconduct diminishes individual dignity, is contrary to the values of the university and is a barrier to fulfilling the university’s mission. It will not be tolerated at Carnegie Mellon University.

It is the responsibility of every member of the University Community to foster an environment free of sexual misconduct. All members of the University Community are encouraged to take reasonable and prudent actions to prevent or stop such behavior.

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